Introducing Snoozers®, our new earplugs for sleeping

Introducing Snoozers®, our new earplugs for sleeping

Does noise prevent you from getting a good night’s sleep? If so, allow us to introduce our new Snoozers® earplugs, which are designed to help you enjoy a peaceful night.

Whether it’s your partner’s snoring, traffic outside or noisy neighbours that are keeping you awake, Snoozers® are perfect for blocking out disturbing sounds and helping you drift off.

Why buy Snoozers®?

Our ISOLATE® and ISOLATE® MiNi ear protectors have been hugely popular among people seeking a peaceful night’s sleep. Based on customer feedback and our desire to create a comfortable and effective sleeping aid tailored to this specific use of our products, we set about creating the new and improved Snoozers®.

What’s new?

Pillow Soft EARFOAMS®

Snoozers® feature a new choice of material and design of our EARFOAMS®. The domed shape, topped with a thick layer of memory foam, makes this our most comfortable range of EARFOAMS® to date and is particularly helpful if you sleep on your side.

We’ve used a new formulation of memory foam, which is softer, more durable and creates an extra snug fit. It has a slower rebound speed to allow an even more accurate and comfortable mould to your inner ear.

Dual tip design

Unlike ISOLATE®, Snoozers® feature our EARFOAMS® at both ends of the earplug. The dense metal core we use to block sound from entering your ears is encased at both ends by the foam, which provides extra comfort when you’re sleeping on your side.

Metal? Really?

Absolutely. Whereas plastic or silicone earplugs usually only work with high frequencies, the aluminium and titanium used in Snoozers® blocks even low frequency sound, such as traffic noise and snoring.

Since the metal doesn’t touch your ear directly, it absorbs but does not conduct the sound. The result is that more noise is blocked and it feels like someone has turned down the volume dial in your bedroom. Learn more about why metal is the best material for earplugs.

Ready for a restful night?

Snoozers® are available in aluminium for £29.99 and in titanium for £49.99, which is an excellent investment compared to the costs of not getting enough sleep (up to and including divorce lawyers: we’re not exaggerating).

Click here to get your pair of Snoozers®.

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