Get Festival Ready with Flare

Get Festival Ready with Flare

Festival season is upon us. From Wireless to Lovebox, Kew the Music to Reading and Leeds, music fans in their masses will descend upon fields across the country to blast their ears with their favourite artists and have a right good shindig.

Flare can help you get festival ready, by providing all the ear-kit you need for day and night.

At live music events, when travelling, in noisy working environments or among enthusiastic crowds, ISOLATE® ear protectors ‘reduce the volume’ around, without the ‘muffling’ that results from foam plugs. Reusable and designed for life-long use, coming in titanium or aluminium models, this uniquely gives the ability to hold conversations and enjoy music whilst protecting hearing from excessive levels; without sacrificing audio detail. Result.

To keep them to hand and out of the mud, a Flare lanyard to wear around the neck or a smart clipable capsule give you options.   

And when you want to get your head down for a few hours’ kip, block out the unwanted sounds of your snoring and / or partying neighbours, with Sleeep (metal) or Sleeep Flex (Silicone) earplugs.  


All you need to remember is the tent.



*The miniscule Sleeep® earplug uses an engineered metal core to exclude sound from the rumble of snoring to the troublesome hum of traffic - something traditional earplugs often fail to do, while a comfortable memory foam tip fits snugly to the wearer’s ear, ensuring a comfortable fit for all night use. Side sleepers and those with sensitive lugs can opt for Sleeep Flex, a flexible silicone version for maximum comfort.


Shipping Rates


Shipping Rates

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