Improve concentration, reduce irritating sounds and protect your hearing:  

Turn down the volume with Flare Audio’s new-generation Isolate Ear Protector.

Flare Audio has today announced the launch of its third generation, ground-breaking ear protector, Isolate®.  Effective for working from home through to excessively loud environments, Isolate is designed to block distractions, improve concentration and protect hearing from damaging noise.

This is the latest product from UK innovator Flare, whose focus is to help improve people’s audio experiences through a range of disruptive and unique tech supporting its motto – Long Live Ears. 

Ideal to help banish traffic, travel or heavy machinery noise, office chatter, day to day disturbance or home distractions, Isolate can also be comfortably worn under helmets for motorsports. Isolate also help improve audio quality when listening to overly loud / distorted live music.  Designed to enhance musical experiences when worn at concerts or beneath headphones, they simply turn down the volume, without the ‘muffling’ sound associated with traditional foam plugs.

These small but powerful earplugs are certified to European personal protective equipment standards (PPE) and effectively reduce sound levels by 32-33db (about the level of a soft whisper), allowing the wearer to block out unwanted sound in any environment.

Isolate is one of Flare’s most popular products, originally launched via Kickstarter in 2016.  True to its reputation of innovation, they’ve implemented a range of new design aspects to the new model. The latest edition features a new lightweight, low visibility slimmed down stem, making them even easier and more comfortable to fit with no loss of acoustic performance.  Flare has also enhanced its replacement tips with a new spherical tip in hypoallergenic foam for maximum comfort, perfectly blocking all the gaps in the outer ear which traditional tapered designs often fail to achieve. All Isolate models come with replaceable tips in two sizes (standard and large) for best fit.

Available in precision turned titanium, high-end aerospace aluminium or lightweight, translucent ABS thermoplastic, Isolate not only protect your ears from hearing damage caused by excessive noise, they remove the unpleasant volume thrown at us everyday life.


The Tech

Official Isolate attenuation data demonstrates the two key advantages of superior universal fitment and even sound attenuation. Firstly, standard deviation (which represents the difference between highest and lowest test values for each frequency band) shows a difference of no more than 3 dB between users across all test frequencies. The current market-leading foam earplug has a standard deviation of up to 8 dB. A lower deviation rating is a key aspect of safety. A low difference such as 3 dB means subjects were achieving a similar universal and accurate fit, resulting in a safer, more reliable experience.


Secondly, attenuation difference between the SNR High / Medium / Low ratings is also just 3 dB with the new Isolate, whereas the market leading standard foam earplugs is as much as 10 dB. By attenuating frequencies more evenly the user is safely protected from harmful levels of bass, mid and treble, whilst enjoying an accurate sound experience. Just at a much lower volume.


“After several years of experience and feedback from customers we’re pleased to have been able to improve Isolate’s incredible performance while making it even more lightweight, unobtrusive and comfortable to wear,” says Flare founder Davies Roberts. “For anyone wishing to block out unwanted noise in any environment, we believe Isolate offers the most effective, comfortable and discrete option possible.”


Isolate Pro: £29.99
Isolate Aluminium: £19.99
Isolate Clear: £12.99

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