There are good reasons why it has taken until now for the world to realise that metal is the best material for ear plugs.

First and foremost among these reasons is the fact that metal is a good conductor of sound. Your musical prowess needs only extend to playing the triangle to know that. As a result, it was always assumed - wrongly, as it turns out - that a choice of either plastic, foam and silicone was the best material for ear plugs.

Yes, those materials all absorb sound, but they are pretty lightweight when they come up against the relentless low frequency dirge of the modern world. Ear plugs that block some sound, but still expose you to subsonic pressure are only doing half a job.

Add some density to your head

The way to block the noise that is absorbed by traditional ear protection PLUS those irritating low frequency sounds is to opt for a more dense material: metal.

Metal is dense enough to block a wide range of noise frequencies from entering your ear, including booming basslines and subsonic soundwaves.

You might be wondering why these noises don’t simply conduct through the metal and reverberate around your ear. Well, metal can only conduct in that way if it has a direct connection via which to conduct. If you isolate the metal from the ear with a piece of soft foam, you get the best of both worlds: an ear plug that is as comfortable as it is effective.

So metal ear plugs create total silence?

No, not total silence, which can be disorientating and disconcerting. With metal ear plugs doing their job effectively, the rest of your body will actually conduct a variety of sound frequencies through your bones to your inner ear, but at a lower, more manageable volume and with improved clarity.

Which metal makes the best material for ear plugs?

Aluminium is an excellent material for this purpose and is used in Flare Audio’s revolutionary ISOLATE® Aluminium ear protection. Titanium is even denser than aluminium and therefore more effective at blocking noise. It is used in Flare Audio’s ISOLATE® Pro Titanium ear protection.

If you’re looking for an extra special finish, we also use gold and rhodium in our luxury special edition ISOLATE® ear protectors.

Ready for your ears to benefit from metal ear plugs?

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