Flares® JET

Earphones with incredible detail that pack a punch for everyday life.


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• Listening to music

• Making and receiving phone calls

• Mixing and engineering

• Recording

• Traveling

• Commuting



• Jet 1 | High strength polymer

• Jet 2 | Precision turned aluminium

• Jet 3 | Precision turned titanium

• Remote music and phone call control

• 10mm driver

• Tough and durable

• Stress tested cable

• Gold plated connectors

What's included

• Three sizes (S, M, L) of replaceable silicone tips

• Flare leather pouch included


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Customer Reviews

Based on 239 reviews
Cracking wee headphones

Very happy with my purchase, good quality and excellent sound.

Paul from Australia
Amazing Sound!

Super impressed with the audio of these!
Big, phat lows and crisp, clear highs, they definitely sound far bigger than expected from such small earphones.
They feel like a seriously quality product with exceptional workmanship.
For an application where a cord is needed, these may just do the job for you too.

Melanie C
Excellent quality headphones!

I bought one for my spouse and the TLP music headphones for myself. We both like the sound quality and comfort of these headphones!

Gordon Elliott
Still exciting after one and a half years

I've had these for nearly two years now. (Won them! JET3). The best thing: they still excite my ears when I hear an old song with them - or re-visit a movie or play video games. Next best thing: they block out external sounds so well. And third best thing: the high volume output, not possible with basic earphones. I have not tried many high quality earphones/headphones to compare but I am always amazed by these, especially compared to basic earphones. So I will continue to enjoy these to re-listen to my top 2,500 songs. Half way through them. I should add that they are tough! I have broken many basic earphones in the past.

Woodsmoke and Rockpools
Great quality and sound

I purchased these so i can take calls in a shared work space with greater ease...but not only do they work perfectly for this...the sound quality has one over my husband who is a staunch ear bud headphone hater...on a recent train journey he borrowed them, scrolling through a selection of tracks he then asked me to share a bud to hear how great the sound was. Result!

Stuart Darling
Will absolutely maximise your enjoyment of music on the go

Using the majority of other in ear headphones you end up turning the volume up in noisy environments to get enough bass response to get over the level of the background noise particularly when travelling in vehicles. This usually means you either need to engage EQ curves in your media player or worse end up with a deafening amount of high mids which just overdrive your ears in their most sensitive range. With the Jet series (and to be honest all the models sound equally brilliant in my experience) there is such an abundance of low end that you will never need to do that. You can therefore listen at a very comfortable level with an abundance of warm bottom end. I wouldn't say these are 'reference' grade earphones by any stretch but they are extremely satisfying to listen to music on. In addition anyone who has tried these will tell you that flare have worked their magic on the sonic detail such that the level of distortion seems extremely low, the soundstage of the music presented is huge, and the clarity overall is really excellent. As a musician with some very nice Focal studio monitors and other quality over ear reference headphones I really appreciate musical detail, and these handle all styles of music. Opera and classical music sounds incredible (try some timpani, its positively seismic), and the double basses in romantic orchestral music come thundering through. Very enjoyable, I now have 3 pairs, I'm excited to try the newer and more expensive models, as I understand they're even better! But for now these are my go to any time I'm travelling and honestly I've not listened to any other in ear headphones that match up in either clarity or depth of response.

Technical Specification

Flares Jet uses precise pressure balancing across all frequencies

TECHNOLOGYFlares Jet uses this technology to maximise the front output of the earphone. This reduces distortion levels and boosts overall volume enabling the driver to perform as efficiently as possible.

CONNECTOR3.5mm gold plated jack


MICROPHONEPhone call and music control

MATERIALSJET 1 | High tensile polymer
JET 2 | Aerospace aluminium
JET 3 | Grade 5 titanium

Patent granted107873134 | 3281415
Patent publication20180288520

Time to accessorise

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 “They’re easily the best in-ear earphones I’ve ever used. Lovely bottom end, beautiful depth and clarity to the overall sound. It’s quite unbelievable.”

Pete Paphides DJ and Music Journalist: Melody Maker, The Guardian, Time Out, Q Magazine

The best earphones I have ever owned. Rich full sound, I'm hearing previously unheard details in recordings I've been listening to for decades. Couldn't be happier with them. Buy some now!

Chris Pembury Flare Customer