If you’re looking for gifts that keep on giving, here are some sound ideas; from earphones which give crazy detail to the music you love, to cool metal ear protectors to turn down sound, or soft silicone sleeping aids to block out night noise. We’ve even got the world’s first high end ‘Eco Speaker’...made from paper!
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High end sound just got affordable with Flares® JET earphones.
Want a premium earphone but not got the budget? JET earphones are ruffling feathers, as the range brings the sound quality and detail of pricey competitor models at a fraction of the price. The range uses a new revolutionary patent-pending technology that uses ‘jets’ to control and focus sound directly into your ears. The result is the deepest bass and vastly increased levels of detail revealing subtleties in music that you’ve never heard before. Sound quality increases as the model number goes up, due to different metals used.

Flares® JET 1 is made from a high tensile polymer with a black satin finish. Flares® JET 2 is precision turned from aerospace aluminium using only the latest, state of the art, CNC machinery. JET 3 uses Grade 5 titanium and is the highest-grade model and best sound quality of the range. The ergonomic design of Flares® JET means that fitting is quick and easy. All models come with three sizes of silicone tips that fit most ear types and provide superb sound isolation, have mic and control capabilities and are supplied with a branded drawstring pouch.
JET 1 (RRP £49), JET 2 (RRP £69) and JET 3 (RRP £89). Superior sound quality just got affordable.
Flares Jet 

SPEAKERS: Flare® Zero: the world’s first high-end ECO-Speaker. With unbeatable sound quality and clarity (its flagship model cost £250,000), Zero is the first loudspeaker to use recycled paper in the fabrication of its exterior. It’s also fully customisable in a huge range of colours. Inventor Davies Roberts wanted to create an affordable eco-friendly version of its original Zero system, without losing sound quality. Using Flare’s own patented Space technology, layers of 2mm thick recycled paper are clamped between solid, milled aluminium plates with such force the paper becomes rigid as concrete. Zero’s ‘pure’ sound comes from Flare’s unique Vortex technology, the layers of rigid paper sheets forming hundreds of tiny vortices, trapping sound but letting air through.


Appearing as a series of ‘floating’ circles, Zero can be deployed in limitless formations, either in individual components or in full stereo configurations. Flare Zero component pricing starts at £1,999 for a single Zero 8.1 with full Zero systems ranging from £9,999 for a Zero System 1 through to the incredible full system 3 at £19,999. The sound will blow your socks off.

Flare Zero - tell me more!


Sleeeps® The perfect gift for a silent night this Christmas.
Sleeeps is a new earplug launched to solve the nations sleeplessness.  Sleeeps® are the result of careful honing of its previous earplug ranges, to deliver the ultimate reusable sleeping aid. Believed to be the most comfortable, lightweight, mini and user-friendly earplug yet, Sleeeps are designed to give a fuss free solution for a peaceful nights sleep. A flexible silicone stem and super soft memory foam ball have been combined to form a single piece earplug that moulds neatly to the shape of your ear canal. Designed to fit all ear shapes and sizes, the ball has an extra-long rebound time to make sure users get the best seal and most effective noise reduction. Squeeze the tips and insert in the ear; hold in place for a few seconds to ensure the memory foam returns to full size. For extra discretion and side-sleeping comfort, tuck in the silicone stalk. Colour options are grey and a glow-in-the-dark version. Each set is designed to last a month of nightly use. A pack contains three pairs of Sleeeps and comes with a drawstring mesh carry pouch.

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For safe and stylish bedside storage, Sleeeps Rest is a specially designed holder for Sleeeps, made from a solid billet of aluminium.

Isolate® ear protectors. Revolutionised the market by being the first of its kind to use solid metal to block sound, rather than traditional foam ear plugs which absorb it. This meant filtering out low frequencies to create an entirely new experience for anyone wanting to protect their hearing and have a more enjoyable experience in a noisy environment.
Isolate ensure clarity of sound, without the muffling of foam plugs, so you can still hold a conversation and hear detail in music. They simply ‘turn down’ sound to protect your hearing, whether at a live music event, doing DIY, motorsports or travelling.
Standard Isolate® ear protectors available in Aluminium (Price £24.99); PRO Titanium (RRP £49.99); Isolate Mini (aluminium, RRP £24.99), particularly suitable for those with smaller ear canals and special Edition, in gold or Rhodium (RRP £199.99). Each set includes three different sizes of Earfoams® and a Flare carry pouch. Accessories include Isolate lanyard (RRP £4.99) and a splash-proof capsule with key chain (RRP £7.99) to keep your ear protectors handy and secure. Various colours available.

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Sleeep Ear Plugs. Advance uninterrupted sleep using Flare’s ground-breaking technology, which blocks sounds using an engineered metal core while a comfortable memory foam tip fits snugly into the wearer’s ear. Reduces unwanted sounds, from the rumble of snoring to the troublesome hum of traffic - something traditional earplugs often fail to do. Available in two models, Sleeep® (RRP £29.99) and Sleeep® PRO (RRP £49.99) and available in Natural Aluminium, Silver Pink and Titanium. Sleeep comes with three sizes of memory-foam tips (Earfoams), Extra Small, Small and Medium, with a soft carry pouch.

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Also available Sleeep® Flex – the bendy, comfy version of Sleeep.
Sleeep® Flex provides sound-reducing benefits but with a softer, comfier feel (and no metal core) for those with more sensitive ears. Not able to reduce sound to the extent of Sleeep and Sleeep PRO but a great choice for those who want maximum comfort.
Available in Sleeep® Flex Glow (glow-in-the-dark version); Denim Blue and Silver Pink (RRP £19.99).


Hear in HD... with earHD
Last, but not least: earHD®. Something unique for anyone who loves unusual tech or is audio curious. Ear HD is a small, non-electrical wearable device that enables users to ‘upgrade’ their ears and ‘hear in high-definition’. Like glasses for your ears, earHD takes wearers on a slightly surreal ‘true audio’ journey, as common sounds are experienced in more detail. And it’s not just an interesting experience. Independent testing by the Institute of Sound and Vibration Research (ISVR) at the University of Southampton, has found wearing earHD improves speech intelligibility, increases signal to noise ratio and enhances frequency response.

Please note, earHD is not available to buy yet but can be pre-ordered online via Crowd funding site: Take me to earHD! Available for early backers at the reduced prices of £219 for the aluminium and £319 for the titanium. Products will be shipped in 2020. The retail prices will be £299 and £399 respectively.