We came across Zarak on Linkedin after they had a few questions about Calmer, which we were more than happy to answer! Zarak got back in contact with us to let us know how much they're enjoying Calmer Pro and the improvements he's noticed so far, so we asked if he'd like to contribute to our blog...
Thanks for your time Zarak :)

I am 32 and work in Banking, and I live in Milton Keynes with my wife and two daughters. The things I enjoy doing are reading and collecting anything comic-book-related, specifically Batman. I like to spend my time outdoors, hiking and kayaking.

I am also a Councillor for West Bletchley Council, where I aim to help the vulnerable ​in ​my ​local community and act as the voice of their constituents, raising any concerns ​to the Council​. I love helping my community and the underprivileged within. ​

I started to feel Sound sensitivity​ impacts, ​also known as hyperacusis​, in public spaces, events and school, and later within work and social settings​. ​This became apparent as I was consistently distracted at school, which led me to get a referral for an autism diagnosis at age 11.​ The school and Council then supported developing coping mechanisms and methods to keep me focused, as they could see a lot of potential talent.

Noises of a particular pitch or volume cause me distress, making it hard for me to concentrate on tasks or mingle. If I’m in a group or surrounded by conflicting sounds, I struggle to process everything and can feel swamped.​


How has Calmer helped you?
Before wearing them, I would feel anxiety before crucial work meetings; however, after wearing them for two weeks before ​critical meetings, I ​feel less anxious and more confident in myself; the sound felt more manageable. One of the most significant autistic traits was that my mood started to improve, and I felt myself becoming more social and enjoying being around others and being able to bare harsh sounds!​ Further, I have become even more productive due to my ability to manage the adverse impacts of sound. ​

Zarak also has his own blog post about his time with Calmer here: Sound Sensitivity and Autism...A solution I needed.
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