Earshade® Pro

Shade your ears and turn down the world with Earshade Pro.


Chosen color: Postbox red


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Designed for extreme comfort, our latest heat-reactive memory foam has a unique shape that will fit your ears like a glove. Choose your shade by mixing and matching colour combinations to suit your look, your style, your shade.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Gordon Elliott
The Best Yet

—I've tested these for 28 days now so I am familiar with them. It's all 5 stars even considering the first time I used them (ears differ so others may not agree) it took ten minutes for them to create a seal. I mean, in the very beginning I may have had doubts about them. But luckily the second time I used them they sealed fast as I knew how best to put them in. So—they block sound more than previous versions. And they are more comfortable both awake and sleeping on side. I honestly could forget whether I have them in or not in the dead of night. Lastly, they mould (expand) to the ear to make a seal and I find the warmer the ear is the quicker they perform (?) (based on when I first used them it was winter cold and now it's spring warm). I got both the Pro and the Earshade® and I like to think the Pro have the edge. It may just be expectations but it affects how I think of them.

Just the ticket

I was looking for some decent earplugs to replace the throwaway yellow spongy ones I used to wear and these fit the bill perfectly. Very comfortable. Just getting used to putting them in a certain way but when you do the results are excellent. I hope they are able to last a long time before replacing the earfoams. Pricey but good.

Jane Redfern
Best yet

The best sleep ear plugs yet, and I have tried lots. Really comfortable. A bit disappointed no spare tips included only the 1 set. I will definitely be buying more though.

Replaceable Earfoams®

Every pair of Earshade® comes with a set of replaceable Earfoams in a matching colour.

Earfoams can also be bought separatley giving you the freedom to mix and match your style.

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Earfoams that mould to your exact ear shape means there's no more decisions on what size you are. One size really does fit all.

Technical Specification

Shade your ears and turn down the world.

TECHNOLOGY• Ergonomically shaped Earfoams that mould perfectly to the shape of your ear canals.
• Precision turned titanium.

CORE SIZE• Stem diameter | 2.5mm
• Body diameter | 8.5mm

MATERIALS• Aerospace titanium
• Super-soft memory-foam

WHAT’S INCLUDED• One pair of Earshade® earplugs
• One pair of Earfoams®
• Flare® carry pouch

Check out our accessories rangeClick here for hard cases, aluminium capsules and replacement tips

Earfoams do not contain latex

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