A new earplug has been launched to solve the nations sleeplessness.  Sleeeps® from sonic innovators Flare Audio, are the result of careful honing of its previous earplug ranges, to deliver the ultimate reusable sleeping aid.

Believed to be the most comfortable, lightweight, mini and user-friendly earplug yet, Sleeeps are designed to give a fuss free solution for a peaceful nights sleep. A flexible silicone stem and super soft memory foam ball have been combined to form a single piece earplug that moulds neatly to the shape of your ear canal. Designed to fit all ear shapes and sizes, the ball has an extra-long rebound time to make sure users get the best seal and most effective noise reduction. Squeeze the tips and insert in the ear; hold in place for a few seconds to ensure the memory foam returns to full size. For extra discretion and side-sleeping comfort, tuck in the silicone stalk. Colour options are grey and a glow-in-the-dark version. Each set is designed to last a month of nightly use. A pack contains three pairs of Sleeeps and comes with a drawstring mesh carry pouch.

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For safe and stylish bedside storage, Sleeeps Rest is a specially designed holder for Sleeeps, made from a solid billet of aluminium.

Also available from Flare are Isolate ear protectors, made from an aluminium or titanium core for maximum attenuation without loss of audio clarity. Isolate are designed to ‘turn down noise’, ideal for protecting hearing at music events or in loud working environments.

Originally known for its professional and consumer range of audio speakers and earphones, Flare is renowned for its fearless re-writing of the audio rule book. They’ve done away with speaker cabinets to create the world’s first 98% recyclable ‘Eco Speaker’, and managed to minimise distortion in all their audio products, due to clever patented techniques stemming from an approach based in physics.

For their full range of sleeping aids, ear protection and audio products, visit: www.flareaudio.com

Sleeeps (triple pack) RRP: £19.99

Sleeeps Rest RRP: £39.99

OFFER: Sleeeps Rest and Sleeeps (triple pack) RRP: £49.99

Quote from Flare Founder, Davies Roberts:

“Since we launched our Isolate ear protector campaign three years ago on crowdfunding, we realised there wasn’t a comfortable, simple and effective earplug solution out there for sleeping. We started work on designing sleeping earplugs for everyone. Sleeeps is the culmination of years of hard work and product development in response to customer feedback. We think Sleeeps ticks all the boxes and hope it will help many people sleep in peace and comfort.”