Around one in 12 of the working population work night shifts and the potential damage it causes to their health is well documented. One study has linked night shift work with obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease and there are many other pieces of research with similar findings.

Yet working nights is a fact of life for many people. For doctors and nurses, police officers, firefighters, security guards, bar staff, taxi drivers and those in a host of other jobs, it is practically impossible to stay in the role without a willingness to undertake shift work - and that shift work often entails working at night.

On that basis, it becomes a case of mitigating against the potential health risks and minimising them wherever possible. That includes things like maintaining a healthy and balanced diet, even if something fatty and carbohydrate-packed is most appealing at the end of a long night shift, and ensuring you get the same quantity and quality of sleep as you would if you were working 9-5.

You don’t have to have worked too many night shifts to realise that life in the daytime is a lot noisier. There is more traffic, barking dogs, kids going to or coming home from school, birds, people talking or shouting to each other and lots of other noise that is not conducive to the sort of sleep you would get at nighttime. And if you happen to have small children in the house while you are trying to catch up on sleep, the problem is even worse. That’s where Flare Audio’s ISOLATE® can help. 

How ISOLATE® MiNi helps

ISOLATE® helps you switch off your ears. Our revolutionary ear protectors use solid metal to block noise and prevent it entering your ears. The result is that the volume dial is turned down on the world around you, so you get the peace you would be afforded if it was 11pm rather than 8am.

For shift workers using ISOLATE® technology to get a better sleep during the day, we would recommend ISOLATE® MiNi, which are 33% smaller than the regular model but just as effective. The reduced size will provide the comfort you need for your daytime slumber.

Take a closer look at ISOLATE® MiNi.