Are you off to a music festival this summer? Whether you were lucky enough to score tickets for Glastonbury, are heading to Reading or Leeds, or will be at V Festival in August, you are guaranteed one thing: lots of loud music. And that means you need to protect your ears.

Ear protection might not initially sound like it's in keeping with the rough and ready festival ethos, but Glastonbury’s own website urges festival-goers to bring ear plugs. It reads: “Excessive exposure to loud music may cause damage to your hearing. Remember to give your ears a break. It’s a good idea to wear ear-plugs too.”

And there is also a plea on the website from former sound engineer ‘Deaf Geoff’ Markson for those attending Glasto to don ear protection.

He says: “If you love music and want to continue enjoying it for years to come, look after your ears. Be aware that in front of the PA stacks at nearly all of the music stages at Glastonbury, even the smaller ones, you will be exposed to extreme noise levels. Your ears can deal with it – for a short while. But if you are going to spend a long time at the stages remember to give your ears a break […] and pick up some ear plugs.”

Add ear protection to your music festival gear

Save your ears so you can enjoy more gigs in the future by packing our ISOLATE® ear plugs in your festival gear. They are made of metal, which blocks sound from entering your ears, whereas soft plastics and foams only muffle the noise. Since the sound is blocked, you instead hear all the detail of the music through natural bone conduction.

Are you camping?

ISOLATE® will also help you to get at least a bit of kip, even if those in surrounding tents want to keep the party going. And when you wake up for Day 2 of the festival, you will find that using ISOLATE® on Day 1 means you can enjoy all the acts with fresh ears instead of just hearing a ringing noise.

Better quality sound and experience

Festival PA systems are not always renowned for their quality. Using ISOLATE® plugs will help to block out some of the dirge and distortion, so that you can hear just the sound your favourite band intended to make.

And days at festivals are long. Even if you’re the most ardent music fan, you and your ears can get tired from the sheer intensity and relentlessness of the noise. Keep yourself refreshed for the headliners by using ear plugs.

Gary Langan from Art of Noise summed it up nicely when he told us: “In the summer, I spend a lot of time at festivals and the environment is loud all day long. I can’t wear those horrible yellow sticky things, so I had a smile on my face when I first tried ISOLATE®.

“I can hear everything and hear nothing. I hear everything I need to hear, but all the dangerous stuff is blocked out. I’m usually working with the headline act, which used to mean I was tired after listening to music all day long by the time they went on stage. Now, with ISOLATE®, I’m fresh as a daisy.”

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