Hot on the heels of our revolutionary ISOLATE® ear protectors comes ISOLATE® MiNi, a smaller but equally powerful version.

The ISOLATE® MiNi is built using the same technology as the regular version, but is 33% smaller. Just like ISOLATE®, ISOLATE® MiNi uses dense metal - choose from either aluminium or titanium - to block sound, rather than simply absorbing it.

That means you can turn down the noise of the world around you and instead hear just the detail of those sounds through natural bone conduction alone.

Why would I want ISOLATE® MiNi instead of the full-size version?

If you’re going to be using ear plugs for an extended period of time, you might prefer this smaller version. For instance, if you find your normal earplugs work great in short bursts but become sore when you need to use them for longer, ISOLATE® MiNi is the way to go.

Or perhaps you want a pair of ear plugs to wear while sleeping. At two-thirds of the usual size, ISOLATE® MiNi will offer a comfortable fit and a better night’s sleep, particularly if you tend to lie on your side.

Do you normally find ear plugs uncomfortable?

If you’ve tried all manner of ear plugs and earphones over the years and always found them to be uncomfortable, it is possible that you have smaller or narrower ear canals than the majority of the population. Given that ISOLATE® MiNi are 33% smaller, they will give the level of comfort you're looking for.

Ready to try ISOLATE® MiNi for yourself?