You might have heard about the revolutionary design and metal construction of our ear protection, but let’s look at some of the settings in which you’re going to love being able to wear ISOLATE®.

In bed

Let’s face it, getting a good night’s sleep can instantly improve just about every other aspect of your life. Using ISOLATE® ear protection will bring serenity to your bedroom. Whether you’re currently battling the sound of snoring, traffic, trains or noisy neighbours, rediscover the tranquillity you need to drift off to sleep with ISOLATE®. If you're planning on using them overnight or you tend to sleep on your side, you might prefer our ISOLATE® MiNi ear protection, which is 33% smaller but 100% as effective.

At a gig

When you’re at a concert or club, the louder the better is usually the rule followed by the venue. But as well as causing discomfort and potentially damage to your ears, this often completely distorts the sound. Protect your ears and hear the music as it was supposed to sound by wearing ISOLATE®.

On a train

Bring calm to your morning commute by blocking out the noise being generated by your fellow passengers and the train itself. Dial down the volume inside your carriage and dial down your stress levels ahead of your working day.

At work

Working in a noisy environment can cause permanent hearing damage - and it is not just the obvious manufacturing, music and construction jobs that pose a risk. Here are some surprising jobs that cause hearing loss. If your workplace is loud, protect your ears with ISOLATE®. Or maybe your workplace isn’t dangerously loud, but noisy enough to distract you. If so, increase your productivity with ISOLATE®.

On planes

Air travel is definitely not as glamorous as it once was. Restore some comfort and relaxation to your flight by using ISOLATE®, which will block out sounds from other passengers, the air conditioning, the engines and in-flight announcements. Perfect if you’re planning on sleeping or getting into a good book.

Around motorbikes and motorsport

Whether you’re participating or just watching, the noise generated by powerful motorbikes and sports cars can cause hearing damage. ISOLATE® can be worn comfortably inside a helmet on the road or the track. If your helmet is snug, you'll want ISOLATE® MiNi instead. They're a third smaller than the regular model and will therefore give you a more comfortable fit. ISOLATE® are also perfect for protecting your ears if you are a spectator in the crowd at a motorsport event. 

With a crying baby

If you have or know a baby with a piercing cry and a bit of a temper, ISOLATE® will help to take the edge off the noise. Comfort the little one while still being able to think straight. And if you’re deploying a rota system for tending to a crying baby in the night, our ear protectors will help you make the most of your turns to sleep.

Want ISOLATE® to improve your life in any of those places?

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