Are you heading abroad for your summer holiday? If so, don’t forget to pack your ISOLATE® ear protection.

To be more precise, remember to put them in your hand luggage because they are the perfect earplugs for flying and you will want easy access to them while on the plane.

Whether you want to block out the noise from the engine, air conditioning or your fellow passengers, ISOLATE® ear protection will help you to enjoy a comfortable flight. You can get the peace and quiet you need to get a decent sleep or just some calm to enjoy your book in splendid isolation. 

This makes for a nice treat if you’re on a short haul trip and makes life bearable if you’re travelling long haul.

Why are ISOLATE® the best earplugs for flying?

Our ISOLATE® ear protection is made from metal - you can choose aluminium or titanium. The density of the material means that more sound is absorbed. They absorb the regular noise blocked by traditional ear protection, but also the low frequency noise created by, among other things, aeroplanes. 

While all that unwanted noise is blocked from entering your ears, you can still hear the details in sound through bone conduction. This avoids the disconcerting feeling of total silence and ensures you will still be able to aware of the things you need to be aware of during a flight.

Effectively, it is like you have the ability to turn down the volume inside the cabin.

ISOLATE® on your holiday

Of course, you can also get plenty of use out of your ISOLATE® ear protection once you’ve landed at your destination. Give yourself some tranquility on the beach and at poolside, create the ideal conditions for a siesta or block out the noise from other hotel guests.

Switch off your ears to maximise your relaxation and help you return from your holiday feeling refreshed.

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