With much of the world attempting to work from home, challenges in concentration and subsequent frustration is threatening to overcome us already.

If you’re looking for help to make functioning from home 24/7 more bearable, there are some clever products out there that could ease your pain. Over the past few years, Flare Audio has taken standard products, redesigned them from scratch and released new and effective solutions for today’s challenges.

Being a fully online business, they’re able to meet the surge in demand and ship quickly, so read on if you need some help maximising productivity during lockdown. (The following will also prove their worth when we’re back to normal).



Boost focus, eliminate annoying background noise, and reduce db to safe levels in noisy working environments

Working from home often sees us trying to focus in a less than ideal situation. A noisy house, kids running in and out, neighbours’ music, traffic noise, or you simply might want to zone out from the news and stress and enjoy a book for a while.

Enter the rather unique Isolate® 2 ear protectors, launched this March. Forget traditional ear plugs; these don’t make things sound like you’re under water. Made from aluminium or titanium, Isolate 2 enables wearers to ‘turn down’ external noise, to aid focus and concentration and protect hearing in noisy environments, without reduction in audio clarity. You can still hear the detail in voice conversations, through bone conduction, but annoying and stressful background noise is eliminated. These are the new version of the company’s original Isolates, with the 2020 model featuring six new aluminium colours and two titanium variants, as well as a brand-new ergonomic shape that makes for an easy, comfortable fit.

All these factors make them great for working at home or in open plan offices, as well as in excessively loud environments such as building sites, factories, or just doing DIY. They are certified CE certified to BS EN 352-2-2002 - SNR32 and made in England. Proven to reduce sound levels by 32db, they are even loved by motorsports fans (comfortable to wear under a helmet) and professional musicians to help prevent tinnitus. Accessories to keep them safe include a clip-able capsule or lanyard. 

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Environment without Isolate

Environment noise level (db)

Environment with Isolate

Normal Conversation


Rustling leaves

City Traffic


Bird Calls

Rock Concert



Formula 1 Race Car (full throttle)





Stay fully charged with a good night’s sleep, even on shift work

Sleep supports mental health and boosts immunity, something we all need at the moment. Particular products that could help those working different hours to the rest of their household, or those needing a good night’s sleep to function fully charged for work the next day, are earplugs.  Sleeeps® are Flare’s newest earplug offering and feature a unique design to help block traffic, house or other noise for a much needed night’s sleep - whatever the time of day.

What makes Sleeeps different to other ear plugs?

Sleeeps are the result of careful honing of Flare’s previous earplug ranges, with the aim to deliver the ultimate reusable sleeping aid. Believed to be the most comfortable, lightweight, mini and user-friendly earplug yet, they come in grey and glow-in-the-dark versions. A flexible silicone stem and super soft memory foam ball have been combined to form a single piece earplug that molds neatly to the shape of your ear canal. Designed to fit all ear shapes and sizes, the ball has an extra-long rebound time to make sure users get the best seal and most effective noise reduction.

Each set is designed to last a month of nightly use. A pack contains three pairs of Sleeeps and comes with a drawstring mesh carry pouch. For safe and stylish bedside storage, Sleeeps Rest is a specially designed holder for Sleeeps, made from a solid billet of aluminium.

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Lift spirits, stay calm, or zone out

If you want to wind down or lift spirits with some music, meditate with an app, listen to a podcast, or link up to friends for some gaming, there’s the hailed JET earphone rage, which uses Flare’s clever, patented tech to minimise distortion and maximise clarity, equating in phenomenal high-end sound at affordable price points. (Three models available in the range). These earphones have surprised reviewers, who have commented on the superb sound these little in-ears produce. The reduction in distortion means you can fully immerse yourself and reveal detail in your favourite tracks you might have never picked up on before.

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Feel and share the audio love

Sound has the magic ability to transport you to all sorts of places and to elevate and lift your mood, or even calm and sooth it. Flare wants to tap into that and do what they can to make this time a little more bearable for everyone. With that in mind, the team at HQ are in the process of setting up a Facebook Community page for people who want to share music, podcasts and listening experiences. They’ve even got some famous Flare fans involved, so stay tuned for exclusive content.

The page is called Flare Family and can be found here. 

“Flare will be hosting listening parties, posting playlists from guest curators, anything that we think will be of interest to our Flare community,” explains Flare Director, Naomi Roberts. “We will be using this as a means to do our bit to helping us all keep sane and to deliver a slice of joy where we can.”

Flare has also announced a 30% discount code, available site-wide for all NHS and emergency service workers during the pandemic.

Long Live Ears.

Long Live Us.