Your antidote to a stressful day

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One product. Two huge benefits.

What does it do?

Irritating noises such as mobile notifications, baby cries, car horns, dogs barking or noisy neighbours will no longer have a sharp edge to them. You can still hear every sound but the unpleasant or harsh tones will be reduced.

Calmer Night is not an earplug so you will still be able to hear what’s around you. However regular jolting or annoying noises should not cause additional stress in the middle of the night.

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Other benefits

After a period of use you may start to feel more relaxed during the day. Your sleep pattern may be less interrupted due to trigger noises being reduced that would usually wake you.

If you wear them in the evenings, your body language may adjust to be less tense and things that would usually stress you may not feel as irritating.

Two Colours & Two Sizes

Calmer Night now comes in Mini as well as standard size

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How soft is it?

Using Calmer

The human can hear between 20-20,000 Hz. Our ears are naturally the most sensitive between 2000 Hz and 8000 Hz.

A Frequency response graph shows which frequencies are amplified by the ear, as sound reaches the eardrums. The graph shows the average human ear frequency response and how Calmer Night adjusts it.

Notice without Calmer there is a large increase between 2000-8000 Hz.

This increase is natural resonance caused by the shape of our ears (Concha). Whilst this resonance was a vital part of our evolution and alerted us to the slightest sound or threat, in todays modern world it is not needed.

Calmer Night reduces these frequencies for a less stressful evening and peaceful sleep.

How it works

Calmer removes the resonant effect of the Concha by using a tiny waveguide inside our ears. The Concha is the small shell shape that connects to our ear canal which normally resonates mid frequency sounds.

By removing this resonance, mid frequency sounds have none of their normal painful aspects.

“We conducted a range of tests on Calmer and found it to significantly reduce sound levels at middle to high frequencies (2 kHz – 8 kHz). This successfully meets Flare’s design objective.”

Gergely Orosz, ISVR Consulting