Flare® Large Capsule

Splash proof large aluminium keychain capsules to keep your Flare products safe and sound.


Chosen colour: Rose gold


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Technical Specification

Large splash proof keychain capsule

MATERIALPressed from aluminium

DIMENSIONS• Diameter: 29.5mm
• Exterior height: 60.5mm

FINISH• Glass bead blasted for a high quality satin finish
• Available in black or silver

PACKAGINGAll our accessories come in 100% recyclable packaging

Customer Reviews

Based on 70 reviews

Great purchase. I have the smaller tube and this one and i take it with me every day when i go out. Fits perfectly for my bag, purse or keychain

As expected!

Like other folks have said, there is a grating metal sounds when screwing on and off. This doesn’t bother me but is still worth noting for other folks.

It holds all three sets of earplugs that I own and could probably hold more.

I love that it is metal and a screw top, it’s on my keys, I always know where they are and I know they won’t accidentally fall out bc of a case that snaps closed. The squeaky sound is worth it just for that.

A friend suggested using a little mineral oil on the threading. I haven’t tried it, but could be worth a shot!

10/10 would buy again

Katelyn Eckstine
Convenient but horrible sound

I love this carrying case. The color is great and it is so convenient to have my earplugs with me everywhere. The size is great so I can keep multiple pairs on me at all times depending on if I go to a bar, a concert, a restaurant, oe just to a friends house. The convenience is amazing!! The only thing is if you’re neurodivergent beware of the sound it makes when unscrewing the top. It is HORRIBLE if you’re sensitive to certain grinding noises. Based on the size, quality, color, and convenience, this is my favorite carrier but I had to get used to the noise of the metal tin opening