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Founded by British inventor Davies Roberts, Flare Audio have spent the last five years re-inventing the loudspeaker, drawing praise from music industry luminaries including Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page, Jarvis Cocker, Richard Hawley, Bella Sarris and producer ‘Flood’ in the process.

Our big innovation and mission is to minimize all types of distortion from our audio designs.

From our experience in the live music industry we have learned and understood what was going wrong with the traditional approach used to create loudspeakers and headphones, and have developed patent pending technology to create pure audio in any sound-producing device.

Flare Audio Ltd - Pro Audio

All Flare products are built with the principle of Waveform Integrity: the signal that goes in is precisely replicated by the sound wave that comes out.

This uncorrupted sound retains all of its definition; it couples more efficiently, disperses evenly, enables maximum throw and is more controllable.

Our product line is centred on three patent-pending technologies: Space™ enclosure construction technology, Vortex™ pressure abatement technology and Nanoflow™ driver alignment technology.

"Natural sound has asymmetry differences; vocals and brass instruments are habitually asymmetrical, whereas most wooden instruments produce symmetrical waveforms. If a speaker is to produce accurate sound, then it must be capable of re-creating accurate waveform balance."

Davies Roberts

Founder, Flare Audio


Flare made its name in the world of professional audio, where our ground-up reinvention of the loudspeaker has drawn praise from music industry figures including Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page, Rolling Stones producer Chris Kimsey, Art of Noise’s Gary Langan and U2 / The Killers producer ‘Flood’.

Having filled concerts, festivals and even cinemas with our ultra-low distortion, we took to Kickstarter to raise awareness of the miniaturisation of our flare technology, with an innovative range of in-ear earphones enabling us to bring the company’s award winning innovative ‘pure sound’ technology to the listening public.

Flare Audio Ltd - Pro Audio


Nearly five years after the last album was recorded at this historic venue, the legendary Olympic Studios was reborn as a new two-screen Dolby Atmos cinema complex, complete with live music room. Equipped with Flare Audio speakers the venue’s full Dolby Atmos sound system delivers the very latest in great, immersive sound.

Today, Screen 1 is a 130-seat luxury cinema, featuring state of the art digital projection, comfortable reclining seats and, of course, the Dolby Atmos surround sound.

"Yes, we wanted comfy seats, that was a given; yes, we wanted great picture quality; but we wanted to do something a little bit special with the sound. Olympic was always known for experimenting with its sound - it was the first place in the world to have a four-track recorder; the Helios desks were built specifically for Olympic... It just seemed important to do something special with the Sound."


Owner, Olympic Studios

Flare Audio Ltd - Pro Audio