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I got these for my son whose Autistic. He wears them at school and says they make an amazing difference. He doesn’t dread the larger group settings anymore. Thank you.

Kim Tompkins Calmer customer

My teenage son has auditory sensory processing disorder. As soon as I gave him these to try he began carrying them around whenever he leaves the house. He said it’s like someone turned the volume down a notch. Thank you Flare!!

Casey Calmer customer

My teen has sensitivity to noise. And the Calmer device delivers exactly
that…a calmer state of being. My child is so happy and content now in places where they would normally be easily overwhelmed. We bought another set as a backup as these are getting daily wear. Thank you for an incredible product. You now have lifelong customers!

Sarah Peter Calmer customer

Here to help!

Sounds can be a bit overwhelming and make you feel stressed and anxious. Don’t worry, Calmer Kids are here to help!

Calmer Kids reduces the most annoying sounds and helps you focus on the important ones.

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Our hearing

Humans can hear lots of different sounds. We can put these sounds in a line from low to high based on their frequency.

For example, thunder would be a low frequency sound and a bird tweet would be a high frequency sound. Your voice sits in the middle of these sounds. We call these ‘mid’ frequencies. Mid frequencies are where the most stressful noises can be found such as playground noise and alarms. This is what Calmer Kids helps to reduce.

How Calmer works

Time to accessorise

Our super popular aluminium capsules and mesh pouches are now available in Calmer Kids colours!

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