Calmer Reviews and Feedback




"Really enjoying wearing these and have taken to wearing them for most of the working day. I am on video calls for up to 5 hours a day, and use my nose cancelling headphones which occasionally let out a high frequency hum. When I wear Calmer I don't get that hum from my headphones at all anymore. Additionally, we live right next to a train line and wearing Calmer has really helped reduce the noise from the trains, especially any high pitch frequencies. I find they aren't too firm in my ear and I have to push them back in every now and then, but all ears are different so could fit others better. All in all, I enjoy wearing them and can definitely tell the difference when I am."

Chris Hitchin, Flare customer


"As you can imagine, I have listened to music on lots of different speakers, and lots of different rooms, and lots of different environments. But one of the things I’ve never really embraced and that is the use of headphones when listening to music. That is until now.

Now I have a pair of Calmer. When I put those in and listen on headphones I am no longer just hearing music I can actually listen to it."

Gary Langan: Producer, Engineer, Co founder of Metropolis studios, and a member of the Art of Noise.


"When Covid arrived our air pollution dropped, we could breathe! And living on a main road, was like a country Village, we could hear birdsong we could hear the wind we could hear the rain we couldn’t hear the consistent wheels on tarmac and engine noise. Sadly air pollution and traffic noise is back, we miss that peace and quiet.

So Flare Calmer is right on time!

Distortion knows no virus, so the sooner Calmer is out In the world, the better for our peace in mind. We still have to battle air pollution, but Flare Calmer gives us the opportunity to regain the natural sound that our ears were designed for."

Chris Kimsey: Producer, The Rolling Stones, Jimmy Cliff, INXS and more


"My name is Sadia Sadia and I am an installation artist. I work mostly with moving images, and sound, and sound design, although historically I have worked with audio in different capacities. But these days I mostly work with sound as a fine art medium.

About 18 months ago I suffered from a very serious illness. I developed something called Bullous Myringitis in both ears, simultaneously, and with complications, and the side effect of the illness was that I was left with tinnitus.

Recently our friends at Flare Audio have sent us a new product to test called Calmer® and here they are. Now I’m quite sure

that the effect they’re having on me is not the purpose for which they were originally designed. But pop them in here and my tinnitus is so much better.

I don’t know how its working it, might have something to do with elements of distortion that are triggering my tinnitus, but it’s incredible. I’m so delighted it really works for me."

Dr Sadia Sadia FRSA Installation artist


"Got these ace new gizmo's that I've been wearing under my headphones in the studio and when I'm listening to stuff in my shed. Sound is so much clearer."

Chris Hawkins BBC 6 Music


"Just bought a pair of these, I have tinnitus and the price is very reasonable - worth a try I thought. They don't help, and they seem to make my tinnitus worse, however I know this is not the case, it just makes me more aware of my tinnitus; the same goes for noise cancelling headphones. I think I need a certain amount of distortion, or white noise, to mask the hissing I get in both ears.

I'm so pleased that it's helping some people, HOWEVER using them for their original purpose is another thing altogether! I started to listen to my music on the only sound system I now have: near field Yamaha powered monitors, hooked up to my PC via a studio quality preamp, and steaming through spotify. The sound is so much better, I can hear more detail and the bass is clearer and more punchy. I used to have an expensive Roksan/Rega vinyl setup, and I have various tracks that I 'know'. It's really amazing that I can hear some of the detail that I've missed. On Spotify! I'm thinking I will subscribe to a higher quality streaming service, like Tidal Hifi to get even more out of these.

Forgot to mention, I'm also a musician - play guitar - and acoustic and electric through the Calm ear buds also sounds good. They can take a while to get used to, and initially I felt I was missing detail, but after listening for a while I get it, the noise in left with is clearer and less 'busy'. Thank you Flare!"

Richard Gale, Flare customer


"So they arrived very quickly! I have them in and it’s been a few hours and I sense there is a difference. The ringing hasn’t gone and I didn’t expect that it would entirely but its still early days. They are very comfortable to wear and you soon forget they are in. So far so good."

Mark Swanson, Flare customer


"Just got mine today...thanks. They are very comfy and do make a postive difference to sound. I think they will help with my misphonia...not tried the crisp packet test yet though 😂. Feeling less irritated by noise though. Maybe ordering more pairs soon for rest of family."

Jules R, Flare customer


"Hey Guys. I'm a photographer and videographer in the music industry on tour with chart names. I came across your product on instagram and purchased. They arrived this morning and all i can say is WOW. Incredible! I just felt the need to reach out. I suffer from bad tinnitus and hearing problems and I've just placed them in my ears and the difference is incredible. Awesome product will highly recommend."

Jono Symonds, Flare customer

I've only worn for one day, but there's an instant difference the moment you fit them. I'm a stay at home Dad with four young children. I've always been sensitive to sound, and the particular screeching sound that my four year old boy makes, (when happy or sad!) physically hurts my ears, also the constant noise that four small children make from waking until bedtime puts me on edge and makes me cross with them when I really shouldn't be. This is why I bought these, and so far (only one day in) I'm VERY pleased with the results.

Steve Riley, Flare customer


Many more coming soon!