This one is for you music lovers

“I've been looking for earbuds like this ever since they were invented.  Flare has always made great audio drivers, but the new system of delivery to your eardrums is a big game changer.  Fidelity and imaging are the best I've ever heard."

Tony Visconti Producer | David Bowie, T Rex, Sparks, Iggy Pop

“These buds are unbelievable.
So light and comfortable you kind of forget you’re wearing them except for the wonderfully
full sound in your ears. Thanks Flare. A triumph.”

Mark Radcliffe Broadcaster, Musician, Author

“I cannot take these
off! I am hypnotised by the sound coming from the E-Prototype. They have such a wide stereo image, much deeper bass and more depth of sound than I’ve heard before. They are light as a feather and sit perfectly - they float in my ears!”

Chris Kimsey Producer | Rolling Stones, Duran Duran, Yes

“Having had a little time to experiment with Flare Audio’s new E-Prototype earphones I can only say that this is the closest I’ve come to hearing the pure transmission of the artist’s intention without any distortion or additional colouring, qualities or characteristics. The
earphones are based on a ground-breaking design developed through original conceptualization and research and I predict that USQ will set a new standard in sound across the audio production chain.” 

Dr Sadia Sadia MSc FRSA, Installation artist

“What’s quite unique about these is the purity and the clarity. The low frequencies to the high frequencies - just absolutely seamless. The stereo width, the stereo picture incredible.”

Stephen W Tayler Sound Artist, Producer, Mixer, Composer

“Simply incredible. I think it’s the clarity that so stuns me, clarity without any hint of the coldness and loss of warmth that is the usual trade-off in achieving that level of precision… clarity + depth = joy.”

Stephen Fry Actor, Author, Broadcaster

Literally change the way we hear sound

A new earphone featuring breakthrough USQ technology that literally changes the way we hear sound.

“The human ear is designed to naturally create resonance, possibly to alert us of danger in times gone by. This resonance is decayed sound information which has a detrimental effect on the detail we hear, which is especially important when listening to music.”  

Davies Roberts, Flare’s Co-Founder, CEO and inventor.

USQ Technology

Flare’s Universal Sound Quality (USQ) is a breakthrough, patent-pending in-ear technology that stops our ears delaying sound information by changing the way sound is reflected as it travels inside our ears.

 USQ technology throws traditional acoustic principles in the bin.  Sound information produced by USQ reaches the eardrum closer to its original form than our ears allow naturally. This unique approach reveals vast amounts of additional detail that has never been heard before.