Public Service Broadcasting have produced some outstanding work in recent years, most recently 2017’s Every Valley, which got a 4-star review from The Guardian and, as Meteoritic shows, widespread critical acclaim.

It turns out that Every Valley might never have been made it wasn’t for us. Sort of…

You see, here at Flare Audio we are able to claim some degree of credit for enabling the corduroy-loving instrumentalists to deliver new albums to the world.

That’s because we ensure all of Public Service Broadcasting’s songs get written, recorded and eventually played live by stopping the band members killing each other when they are on tour. We know this to be true because founder J. Willgoose Esq. has said as much.

He revealed that using our ISOLATE® ear protection is what stops him inflicting career-ending violence upon his bandmates when they hit the road for gigs and spend long hours in the confined surroundings of the tour bus.

He also sung the praises of our ear plugs for improving musical experiences at those very same gigs.

Wilgoose said: “I love the ISOLATES! Earplugs are basically the only way I can tour without going insane or killing one of my bandmates, and these offer truly fantastic isolation. 

"They also work well in musical settings, attenuating the frequencies evenly across the spectrum - useful for those shows mixed by over-enthusiastic sound engineers!”

If you are liable to resort to violence when confronted by the irritating habits of others or if you simply want to hear music as the band, rather than a megalomaniac behind the mixing desk, intended, you can follow in J. Willgoose Esq.’s footsteps by picking up your own pair of ISOLATE® ear protectors.

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