Small device reduces stressful sounds to help you live a ‘Calmer’ life

Following the launch of its ground-breaking in-ear device Calmer® earlier this year, Flare Audio has released an ultra-discreet translucent edition, helping wearers reduce stress caused by the constant noise of today’s busy world.

Calmer features a unique design that removes distortion in our ears. Worn in each ear, these comfortable helpers enhance audio experiences and calm your environment in a subtle, but potentially life-changing way.  Calmer reduces feelings of stress providing a mellowness; removing the anxiety inducing properties of our environment and resulting in a calmer audio experience, whether managing a busy home, travelling, or walking around the city.

Made from translucent silicone, new Calmer Translucent gives users an even more hidden finish, blending in with natural skin tone.

Its design provides a natural way to tackle environmental stressors, which are having a negative impact on the nation’s mental and physical well-being.  As well as reducing uncomfortable sounds such as traffic sirens, children shrieking and phones ringing, people are also reporting Calmer to help with noise sensitivity conditions such as misophonia, and in some cases, tinnitus*.  Although this is not what Calmer was designed for and it does not help in all cases, this is an exciting additional benefit for some.

In addition to benefitting from a calmer environment, users also experience higher definition sound. Calmer improves the audio clarity we hear in any situation; such as using the phone, watching television, listening to music, and when having conversations. 

RRP: £19.99

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* Flare is currently working with a variety of focus groups to investigate this further. Tinnitus is a complex and very individual problem and Calmer doesn’t help everyone – some people report noticing a huge improvement, while others have reported none.  If Calmer provides no tinnitus relief and was bought for that purpose, Flare hopes Calmer’s stress reducing and audio enhancing properties will be enough of a benefit. But if not, then Flare offers a full refund for anyone who is not completely satisfied.