A note on identity first language and why we use it.
Since the launch of Calmer we've been blown away with the feedback we have received from people with sensitive hearing.
We've heard from a lot of autistic people who experience sensitive hearing and have experienced great results from wearing Calmer. 
We pay close attention to customer feedback and after sharing a video from Jamey - an autistic person with sensitive hearing - we learnt that the majority of autistic people prefer to use Identity First language: 'autistic personas oppose to Person First, 'person with autism'.
We listened and we changed the language we used.
We found these quotes useful:
"Saying “person with autism” etc is essentially separating our identity from our personhood."
"Identity first language is the default unless the group as a whole have made their feelings known otherwise.
However, if an individual wants to use something else for THEM, go with that."
Language is so important.
Only by asking, listening, and educating can we create a kinder and more inclusive society. 
We are doing all we can to use the right words and we understand that there may be differences of opinion. 
Below are some screenshots of feedback we have received after we started using identity first language.
You can find some more useful information here: https://www.autism.org.uk/what-we-do/help-and-support/how-to-talk-about-autism
Find out more about Calmer and how it helps with sensitive hearing here.