MY AUDIO WORLD...BY zac ware.

March 27, 2024

Meet Zac.

I’m Zac. I’ve always loved music since I can remember. My parents had a classic record collection of Beatles and Stones etc. I was inspired to play guitar at 13 by The Clash and Sex Pistols. Began busking at 15 and so began my life as a paid musician. After moving to Glasgow I worked with singers and songwriters and did session work at Savalas and other studios. In 2005 I auditioned for the Proclaimers and have been their guitarist on records and on stage ever since.

When not on the road I have a studio where I work with and produce songwriters, teach and write. I also have a one man show, Zac’c Guitar Jukebox where I hand out my song list to the crowd and let them choose the set. A very random experience. But every song is somebody’s favourite. 

"There’s a tension and excitement that only comes from being in front of people..."

Very little beats live performance. There’s a tension and excitement that only comes from being in front of people, knowing that they will love, hate or (even worse) be indifferent to your performance . There’s an interaction with the crowd that when it works has a special energy and connection.

The studio on the other hand is where you make a record. Something that will last and capture the best of what you do at that time. It gives you time to explore sound, improve your playing, collaborate with others writing songs, arranging and recording them.  

In the end my recorded work is trying to capture the energy of a live performance and live performance is taking the lessons of making records to give a larger musical picture and context to the gig. 

"Walking in the countryside then heading into the studio to make loads of noise and leave to the sounds of birds singing. Kinda special..."

Classic stage moments have been the big gigs. Gone in a blink of an eye. But Glastonbury and Murryfield stadium with The Proclaimers have to be up there . Also in local band gigs when you’re improvising and it’s all flowing and the people won’t stop dancing and you have to make stuff up to keep it interesting . That’s a lot of fun. 

I’ve had the good fortune to record 5 records at the legendary Rockfield studios in Monmouth and stay on site. 

Walking in the countryside then heading into the studio to make loads of noise and leave to the sounds of birds singing. Kinda special. 

 What has been your favourite piece of music to work on and why?

A difficult question when you’ve worked on a lot of music. But it has to be working on music you’ve helped write and then got a band to play it and you feel the collective energy come together. So probably the album Downtown Project I helped write with The New Spirits. Pulled together through love and favours with my favourite people. 

 What advice would you give someone who is looking to pursue a career in music?  

Get a degree in marketing and social media and learn how to use Patreon as the industry is becoming a cottage industry of self funding and self promotion. Have no plan B. It’s a commitment. The lows are hard but the highs make it worth it. Toughen up to criticism. Take it on the chin but always recognise it as someone else’s opinion. Learn from it, the meanest most trivial attack probably has a touch of truth. Recognise that truth and work on it. Find people who fill the skills gap you don’t t have. Find people you can laugh with and spend and inordinate amount of time with without killing each other. Make the music you want to make so that you can always find the energy to keep going.  

Lastly – please could you tell us what it is about the E-Prototypes that you like so much?

They bathe my ears in sweet music. I do a lot of referencing using them. The sound is so clear and the bass response really helps me understand what’s happening in my mix without having to go and sit in the car. Perfect for walking the dog and clearing one’s head and getting a perspective on my own music The carry case means I don’t damage them too much as I’m always in the move. 

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