earHD® 360

A small device worn in the ear to increase sound quality from any direction. earHD 360 features a unique technology that reduces distortion in our ears and enhances all audio experiences.

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Chosen colour: Clear


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What does earHD 360 do?

• Reduces audio distortion and enhances audio experiences

• Accurately guides sound into the ear

• Upgrades your listening experience

Increases sound quality while…

• Listening to headphones

• Listening to a car stereo

• Listening to home HiFi

• At concerts

• Anywhere you'd like better sound


• Fits comfortably and discreetly inside the ear and easy to remove

• Moulded in ABS or Polycarbonate for a high gloss black or clear finish

• Available in 'one size fits most' size

• Patent pending technology | 2004011.9

• Independently tested by ISVR

(Institute of Sound and Vibration Research)

What's included

• One pair of earHD 360

• Flare® carry pouch

• Instruction manual

• Supplied in 100% recyclable paper packaging

Compatible Accessories

Here's our earHD 360 compatible accessories:


Large Capsule

Pocket Capsule

Hard Cases

Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
Charles Gulick
Excellent for music

These for comfortably in the ears and have a great effect when listening to music by reducing some of the higher, irritating frequencies and making the music more enjoyable and comfortable to listen to. Highly recommend this product!

Tom Siomopoulos
I was pleasantly surprised.

A good friend of mine came across your product after I told him that my hearing was not as good as it was. To be specific, my left ear just wasn't picking up the high frequencies like it used to. My friend was concerned because both him and I love listening to all sorts of music on high fidelity audio equipment. He came across your product and messaged me about it, so I clicked on the link and arrived at the flare audio website. I scoped around and read the info about the product, and thought "eh what's the harm, it's only around $40". So I ordered a pair of ear HD 360. After a few weeks they arrived at my doorstep. I picked up the package, opened it up and looked at a pair of plastic ear canal shaped items. The sceptic in me thought "these aren't going to do squat. What are these plastic things going to do to help improve my hearing!?" The doubting Thomas (after all that is my first name) thought of trying them on. So I went into my lounge and turned on the stereo, popped in the ear HD 360's as per the instructions and sat down. I started to play Prince's "around in the world in a day CD". Was I disappointed? Nope! In fact I was surprised. The highs in the audio were almost equal in both of my ears, these made a huge difference.

I spent almost the entire evening with them on listening to so many songs thinking "how are these things working, it's witchcraft". Well let me tell you it's not witchcraft, it's good science.

So to the Flare audio company, I thank you for these little miracles. They stay with my stereo and they will definitely be put to good use.

Oh and happy holidays.

Focused hearing experience

Ear HD 360 has really helped focus my hearing during conversations in online meetings and in public settings (e.g. in cafes & restaurants). It’s small & unobtrusive so doesn’t awkwardly stick out like a hearing aid. It fits well and does not get in the way of my ear piercings. Just need to be careful with inserting & removing it as the clear version is not easy to find when dropped on the ground.

Technical Specification

A small device that worn in the ear to increase sound quality.

TECHNOLOGYearHD 360 increases sound quality by using a tiny waveguide to reflect sound into our ear which bypasses the resonant effect of the Concha.

CORE SIZE• Length: 11.7mm
• Width: 12.6mm

MATERIALS Injection moulded ABS or Polycarbonate for a high gloss black or clear finish

PACKAGINGearHD 360 arrives in 100% recyclable packaging.

INCLUDED WITH EVERY SET OF earHD 360With every pair of earHD 360 you also receive a Flare carry pouch and user manual.

Patent pending2004011.9
Design registration6085879

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