Flare Audio has launched the latest and most premium creation in its already hailed range of game changing audio products. A state-of-the art personal listening device coated in 24 carat gold, Flares® GOLD are precision engineered earphones that claim to take listeners on a new audio journey.

The company’s innovation to dramatically reduce distortion provides such incredible clarity it unearths previously unheard detail in tracks; making it feel like you’re listening to well-known songs for the first time, performing live in your head.

Sound far-fetched? No. Pro-audio media reviews and musicians including The Arctic Monkeys’ Nick O’Malley, Julian Lennon and David Bowie producer Tony Visconti have praised Flare’s new approach to sound re-creation and the resulting listening experience.

GOLD boasts all the high-tech features of the company’s PRO model, but with even more sonic detail and a distinctive gleam of extra style. The PRO and GOLD models are also uniquely switchable between wireless and a 3.5mm jack cable. They feature 5.5mm beryllium drivers and superior noise isolation. Plus their breakthrough in banishing audible sound distortion helps to protect your ears from hearing damage.

“At Flare we want to continue to push the envelope on what is possible with sound,” says CEO Davies Roberts. “The result produced by GOLD is nothing short of breath-taking. The dual jet technology has been highly refined, along with the acoustic lenses. This is especially noticeable at the highest frequencies which reveal details previously un-heard on any other device. These highest frequencies can operate up to 20,000 cycles per second, which means that the design of Flares Gold had to be the most precise and accurate possible.

“Flares Gold is an earphone for sonic masters who want to be taken on an audio mastering journey,” says Roberts.

Flare’s range of products are available from selected retailers, via Amazon, or direct from www.flareaudio.com 

Flares Gold, RRP: £999

Flares PRO, RRP: £349

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“In a sonic climate of transient impact, frequency hype and volume wars, my ears had been suffering from ‘foreground fatigue’.  Flare Audio’s terrific design has remedied this and has restored my joy of listening into the music.” 

Jon Carin, Grammy award-winning musician / producer. Pink Floyd, Roger Waters, Kate Bush, The Who, Pete Townshend, Bryan Ferry

“Just when you thought you’d had enough with so many fidgety in ear & ill-fitting headphones, along comes the genius of Flare. Finally an in-ear headphone that is beyond comfortable and has the clearest, deepest and most natural sounding quality I’ve heard in years.  Highly recommended, for not only listening to your favourite anthems, but for listening to your own musical projects as well. Great for mixing too.

Julian Lennon, Musician


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