If you’re in the market for the best IEM available, look no further. We’re going to introduce you to the in ear monitors that have been declared as the best ever by producer Tony Visconti [David Bowie, T-Rex, The Stranglers].

FLARES® PRO tick all the boxes for someone looking for the best IEM:

Revolutionary Sound

We went back to the drawing board and did two years of research into how molecules interact when they vibrate to make sound. Our findings have allowed us to develop IEMs that offer a purer sound and less distortion than anything that has previously been available. We’ve got several patents pending to protect that technology.

Like Listening Live

One of the benefits of the purer sound we’ve created is that, whatever you’re listening to, it sounds like you’re listening to it live. Honestly, you’ve got to hear this to believe it.

Mixing Quality

The sound quality from FLARES® PRO - and something we think marks them out as the best IEM you can buy - is that top producers are choosing to use them for mixing.

Tony Visconti, who we mentioned at the outset, said: "These are the best earphones ever! I mix on these! The detail, the clarity and low end are 'pinch me am I dreaming?' great.” 

Art of Noise’s Gary Langan went a step further than using them in the studio. At a recent gig, he did his own band’s ‘front of house’ from the stage, mixing live with FLARES® PRO.

Wireless (Or Not)

Perhaps you feel the best IEM ought to be wireless so you have the freedom to move around with them. Or maybe you prefer to plug in. FLARES® PRO do both. You can switch between Bluetooth® wireless and a 3.5mm jack cable, all included, so you always get the experience you want from your IEM.

Style and Substance

Of course, the best IEM on the market also needs to look and feel the part. FLARES® PRO are made from from aerospace grade 5 Titanium and boast a design that’s as easy on the eye as it is on the ear.

Have a closer look at FLARES® PRO