Music lovers, gamers and audio professionals can now increase the sound quality they hear thanks to a new innovation by Flare Audio Ltd.

earHD 360® is a device which sits comfortably in the listener’s ear, acting as a non-intrusive upgrade for all music experiences.  Wearing these tiny gadgets enhances the sound we hear when listening to music on a hi-fi, worn under headphones, in the studio or at a concert.

Made from a lightweight, polished ABS (high grade plastic), this simple yet clever wizardry works by channelling sound directly into our ears and reducing the ‘fuzziness’ caused by resonance and distortions. The result for the earHD 360 wearer is that mid and high frequency sounds are more refined, have greater detail and lose their harsh, distorted peaks. Put simply, music sounds better.

Davies Roberts, Flare Audio founder explains: “There are two bends in our ear - one of 90 degrees behind the tragus and the 60-degree inner ear canal.  These cause a blur of high frequency information which distorts what we hear. earHD 360 uses an acoustic lens that mathematically reflects sound so that soundwaves remain accurate. The result is that everything sounds cleaner and clearer, improving audio quality in every situation.”

earHD 360 was developed from Flare’s anti- resonance technology originally found in their popular stress-reducing product, Calmer. Following Calmer’s success, earHD 360 was developed specifically to enhance musical experiences.

Flare Audio’s innovative range of products includes award-winning earphones and ear protectors, as well as clever devices to help issues with sleep, stress, focus and audio enhancement.


RRP: £29.99

Flare Audio’s earHD-360 is available now from

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