Simplifying Neuroscience For Everyday Use


Flare and Sensory Intelligence® are uniting to give away 10 x Sensory Wellness packs, containing a selection of stress relieving Flare products and access to a personalised Sensory Matrix™ Report (total prize worth over £150). To enter, simply fill in the below form!

Team Flare are proud to be working with the neurodiverse community and helping those suffering from sound sensitivities with our clever ear buds, Calmer.

We recently came across a lovely company called Sensory Intelligence®, who look at all seven of people’s senses*, how we respond to sensory stimuli, and how this influences our daily work and life.  

They then provide assessments, insights and solutions to help workplace productivity, mental health, wellness and relationships.

Always looking for ways to help our community, we’re delighted to partner with Sensory Intelligence® to help people identify other sensory traits and solutions to aid a happy life. It’s a fascinating look at our minds and how we can help ourselves.

* Our senses are: sight, hearing, touch, smell, taste and two movement senses (balance and body position).

A 26-page report will explain how you are wired to respond to sensory stimuli and how this influences you unconsciously.

Learn more about yourself:

● Identify your thresholds to know how your environment unconsciously influences your brain

● Identify your triggers and distractions

● Learn how to self-regulate successfully to beat stress

● Learn to make self-care personal for you – what works and what doesn’t

● Be more focused, energised and productive

● Improve your productivity at work

● Boost health and wellness

● Improve your family, social and work relationships


A small device worn in the ear to reduce stress.

Calmer is an alternative to traditional earplugs. Non-electric and made of a soft silicone, they reduce your stress response to annoying or uncomfortable noises, without blocking sound.

Calmer aren’t an ear-plug, they don’t block sound. Instead, they use a clever wave-guide to channel sound into the ear, reducing distortion and taking away the ‘uncomfortable’ elements of sound. This means you are still aware of your surroundings, conversations, alerts or dangers, making them ideal for home, office and travel.

Sufferers of misophonia report that previously rage-inducing sounds such as chewing/mouth / breathing noises are suddenly manageable. And people who suffer from being in busy environments can finally go to the supermarket, shops, café or even the cinema again without experiencing overwhelm. They’re even brilliant for just reducing the stressful sounds of today’s busy world.


Calmer help to reduce stressful elements of sound without blocking it, so you are aware of your surroundings.

● Busy places

● Traffic noise / travel

● Busy family life / babies crying / children playing

● Eating / chewing sounds

● Electric buzz

● Cutlery sounds

● Ticking / Tapping

● Also suitable for: Sensitive hearing, Misophonia, ADHD, Autism, Hyperacusis, Migraines, Stress relief

  • Comfortable and discreet

  • Takes the edge off stressful noises

  • Reduces stress and keeps you calmer

"Love that I can wear them all day in the office without anyone noticing!" - Sebbastian