What’s your favourite track of all time? The song that you find yourself going back to time and time again, year after year. The one you know note-for-note, word-for-word, off-by-heart.

Maybe its a piece of music that attached itself to your brain during your teenage years. Perhaps its the best track by your favourite band. Or maybe it is a song that has taken on particular importance due to its meaning in relation to another aspect of your life. 

Whatever it happens to be, we’d like you to take the Flares® JET earphones favourite track test and hear the song you know best like you’ve never heard it before.

Details and subtleties

Flares® JET earphones contain our patent-pending jet technology, which balances the pressure across all frequencies to maximise the earphones’ front output. Sound is delivered to your ear more directly and more accurately, with less distortion and greater overall volume. The result is that you will be able to pick out details and subtleties that you didn’t even know were in your favourite track.

Music journalist Pete Paphides, who has written for Mojo, Q, The Guardian and The Times, is paid to listen to music as carefully as possible. It is his job to hear the things that the rest of us might have missed. 

Of our Flares® JET earphones, he said: "They're easily the best in-ear earphones I've ever used. Lovely bottom end, beautiful depth and clarity to the overall sound. I'm even hearing details in murky old Jamaican rocksteady productions that had previously eluded me. It's quite unbelievable.”

Money-back guarantee

It’s not just music journalists who have found this. Other customers are telling us that they too can hear more detail in music when using our Flares® JET earphones than they had previously been able to do.

We’re confident you will have a similar experience with songs you thought you knew inside-out.

With our 30-day money-back guarantee you can try them out and take the favourite track test without any risk.

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