Shade your ears and turn down the world with Earshade®.


Chosen colour: Violet orchid


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Designed for extreme comfort, our latest heat-reactive memory foam has a unique shape that will fit your ears like a glove. Choose your shade by mixing and matching colour combinations to suit your look, your style, your shade. Earshade reduce noise levels by -27 dB on average across the frequency range.

Compatible Accessories

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Large Capsule

Pocket Capsule

Hard Cases

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Customer Reviews

Based on 134 reviews
Fantastic ear plugs for a good night sleep.

I bought a pair of Earshade to dampen the noise of the construction work next door, which they did quite effectively, but the real surprise came when worn at night.
Unlike other earplugs Earshade filters out noise in a different way, and after years of misery I have finally been able to get several consecutive nights of uninterrupted sleep.
The trick is to flatten the memory foam with your fingers before inserting the plug, with the moulded curve following the inward curve of the ear canal . Once the foam has expanded you need to tap the metal holder slightly to achieve the perfect snug fit. They are so confortable you forget that you are wearing them, also don't fall out at night or become uncomfortable if you are a side sleeper.

Audrey B.
Comfy and soundproof

Very comfy and effective. However be very careful to not put it too far in your ear, it can be very painful.

Govind Kharbanda
Bright and eye-catching

I came online to order some replacement tips for my isolate mini but decided to pick up a pair of these too. I love the design and the fact that the earplugs are visible – more likely to find them if you accidentally drop them at a gig!

Replaceable Earfoams®

Every pair of Earshade® comes with a set of replaceable Earfoams in a matching colour.

Earfoams can also be bought separatley giving you the freedom to mix and match your style.

Shop Earfoams®


Earfoams that mould to your exact ear shape means there's no more decisions on what size you are. One size really does fit all.

Technical Specification

Shade your ears and turn down the world.

TECHNOLOGY• Ergonomically shaped Earfoams that mould perfectly to the shape of your ear canals.
• Precision turned aluminium.
• Design Reg. Application 6263616 & 6263617

CORE SIZE• Stem diameter | 2.5mm
• Body diameter | 8.5mm

MATERIALS• Aerospace aluminium
• Aerospace titanium
• Super-soft memory-foam

WHAT’S INCLUDED• One pair of Earshade® earplugs
• One pair of Earfoams®
• Flare® carry pouch

Check out our accessories rangeClick here for hard cases, aluminium capsules and replacement tips

Earfoams do not contain latex

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