If you read our recent interview with Gary Langan from Art of Noise, you will know that he and fellow founder members Anne Dudley and J. J. Jeczalik were performing on stage together for the first time in 30 years at the recent Liverpool Sound City event.

You will also know that Gary is a big fan of Flare Audio and our kit, and that was reflected in the gear he had on stage with him during the gig at Clarence Dock, Liverpool, on Thursday, May 25.

He performed between a pair of our beautiful Flare Zero speakers, which were making their first appearance at a gig.

As you may also have read in the interview, much of Gary’s work these days is as a front-of-house engineer for other bands. On this special occasion, he took that role centre stage and mixed his own band’s performance live while also performing.

To do that he was using our newly launched Flares earphones, of which he said: "These earphones are absolute game changers - I simply can't live without them!"

Here are a selection of photos and video footage of Dudley, Jeczalik and Langan rebooting The Art of Noise’s In Visible Silence. You will be able to see Gary working his magic with the aid of an array of Flare kit.

Image: Nikki Eade

Image: The VPME