Nobody launches a tech product these days without describing it as revolutionary, leading edge or unique. What do you do if your product actually ticks those boxes? How can you convey the potential impact of your product when all those words and many more have had their power sucked out by marketing spin masking mediocrity?

One way is to put your product out into the world and embrace the feedback it gets from experts and customers.

In the case of Flares Pro, our recently launched earphones, that feedback has been excellent. The owners of some of the most discerning ears in the world have had nice things to say about Flares.

So, while we really do believe Flares are revolutionary, leading edge and unique, the words that come from people who have tried our earphones carry more weight. Here’s a selection of things people have to say about Flares Pro.

"These are the best earphones ever! I mix on these! The detail, the clarity and low end are 'pinch me am I dreaming?' great."

- Tony Visconti, Grammy award-winning producer (David Bowie, T-Rex, Iggy Pop)

"These earphones are absolute game changers - I simply can't live without them!”

- Gary Langan, Art of Noise, producer (Spandau Ballet) and engineer (Queen, Yes)

"Before Flares, there was noise... now there is sound.”

- Chris Kimsey, producer (The Rolling Stones, INXS, Duran Duran)

My Flares are THE most sonically responsive in ears I have ever heard. I mix on them with confidence and have never been disappointed... Simply the best sounding in ear on the market."

- Huey Morgan, Fun Lovin' Criminals

"I didn't think the sound could be improved from my first set of Flares R2 earphones but with the Flares Pro I have to assume there has been some deal with the devil for they sound even better. Cleaner, rounder, more transparent and the low end is more defined than before. Nothing I have used comes close."

- Fran Healy, Travis and BNQT

“Haven't stopped wearing them. Easily the best IEMs I've heard. Good work Flare folk!”

- Danton Supple, producer (Coldplay, Morrissey, Starsailor)

“The new Flare Audio Pro is, without question, a great value product. The IEM by itself is a steal for that price, but you are also getting an awesome box, detachable cable and easily the best Bluetooth adapter (The W-DAC) that I’ve ever played with.”

- Mike, Headfonics

“The sound is incredible and I've just tried the Bluetooth and it's by far the best I've ever heard. How they managed to get the balance and sheer depth quality is just superb. I never thought I'd need to find superlatives for headphones but today's the day. Can't recommend them highly enough and look how fucking cool the box and everything else is. I love them!”

- Brett Vincent

“Kudos to @flareaudio for the Flares PRO IEM, lives up to the promise and compete well above its price range!”

- David Mollière

“What I consider the best earphones in the world.”

- David Howgill

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