Tim Burgess ‘Listening Party’ Earphone (TLP1). Helping to support grassroots UK music venues.

£5 from every order will be donated to the Music Venue Trust

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Reasons to buy direct from
the people who made it

Reasons to buy


• TLP1 | Special edition precision turned aluminium

• Anodised bespoke purple 

• Enamel Tim

• Remote music and phone call control

• 10mm driver

• Tough and durable

• Stress tested cable

• Gold plated connectors

What's included

• Three sizes (S, M, L) of replaceable silicone tips

• Flare leather pouch included

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Erin Williams
Awesome sound!!

These are super comfortable and have really great sound quality! I wear them all day to listen to music while I work. They also block out surrounding sound pretty well. Highly recommend!

Callum Payne
Great set but with some flaws

An excellent set of earphones that sound awesome, even better paired with the Audiophile Tips... However I do have a few complaints! First and most importantly, the cable isn't as long as I would like and also feels very skinny. Second, for some reason it doesn't work with my phone (without case) but it does work with other devices, might be a problem with my phone though?

Sexy colour definitely

Annette Griffiths
Mind blowing brilliant

After years of searching for the perfect earphones, I have finally found what I was looking for, the TLP1. I must have bought more than 20 over 30 years and they were either too quiet, too tinny, too bassy, fell out when you turned your head or while walking, or wouldn't stay in at all. They arrived yesterday and I wanted to try them with my MP3 player, but that needed charging, so I plugged then into my PC and listened to the first song on the We Are Chaos album and first my jaw dropped and then I just cried. The sound was so clear, so perfect, I was totally overwhelmed. Today I tried them with my MP3 players and I am still blown away. Not only do they sound awesome, they look great as well. The perfect package. Thank you, thank you, thank you! My search for the perfect earphones is finally over.

Technical Specification

JET TECHNOLOGYTLP1 uses this technology to maximise the front output of the earphone. This reduces distortion levels and boosts overall volume enabling the driver to perform as efficiently as possible.

CONNECTORSpecial edition enamel Tim Y-Split
3.5mm gold plated jack


MICROPHONEMake and receive phone calls
Music control

MATERIALSAerospace aluminium anodised in purple

Patent granted107873134 | 3281415
Patent publication20180288520