Are you heading to a summer festival? If so, you might be wondering what you need to take with you.

Deciding what to pack for a festival isn’t easy. You don’t want to be carrying too much around with you and some element of roughing it is kind of to be expected. On the other hand, if you don’t pack one of these festival essentials, you might consider that your general welfare has dipped below acceptable levels even for a festival.

Follow our festival essentials checklist and you’ll have everything you need.


The ultimate festival essentials. Let’s get those in the bag straight away otherwise the rest of the list is pointless.


Unless you’re a particularly brave amateur meteorologist, you will need wellies or another form of mud-proof footwear with you.


Take outerwear that will keep you as dry as possible in the event that the heavens open.

Change of clothes

Even waterproofs let you down sometimes, so prepare to change clothes.

A warm layer

Even if the forecast is good, tents can be chilly places at night, so prepare to wrap up if necessary.

Tent, sleeping bag and roll mat

If you’re camping, you will need camping gear. With your camping equipment, try to find the balance between decent enough to the job and cheap enough that it doesn’t matter too much if it gets ruined or lost.

Wet Wipes

There’s probably no need to go into any more detail on those.

Toilet roll

As above.


We won’t pry any further into what your festival personal hygiene routine might look like, but remember to pack everything you need for it.

Food and drink

Anything you don’t want to buy on-site will need to be packed and brought with you. Remember a water bottle, so you can fill up from taps.

Suntan lotion

Festivals can be miserable places if you’ve got wet feet, but they are not much fun with sunburn either so prepare to protect yourself against those UV rays.

Portable charger

Keeping your phone alive will make keeping in touch with your friends much easier, which is particularly handy if you get separated at any stage. A fully charged phone will also provide a torch when you're looking for your tent.

Ear plugs

Protect your ears from the incessant loud noise and strip the dirge and distortion out of the festival PA system for a better music experience. Pack Flare Audio’s ISOLATE® ear protectors.