“They’re remarkable... the equivalent of a mist or a film being removed between you and things that make a sound...”

Stephen Fry,

Actor, author and presenter


Flare Audio has announced the arrival of earHD® 90, a new, budget-friendly model of its small wearable device that enables users to hear ‘in high-definition’.

Described by some users as like ‘glasses for your ears’, earHD 90 is a, non-electrical device that lets you focus your ears on what you want to listen to.  With earHD 90, you hear higher definition sound from the direction you face, whilst reducing sound from elsewhere. With the original aluminium and titanium models costing £299 - £399, earHD 90 were out of reach for some, but Flare’s newest acetal model is not only lightweight, but priced at just £39.99.

Some have described the sound as ‘cleaner’, like your ears have gone through the washing machine. Nature is heard in more detail, almost surreally… from bird song to the crunching of icy grass underfoot. Unwanted noise from your surroundings, such as office chatter or busy public environments can be diminished due to the directional of earHD 90, enabling focussed and more detailed sound coming from the direction you are facing.

earHD 90’s unique properties also improve the experience of listening to music.  Use one music source and play a piece of music you know well, making sure the speaker is facing towards you. Listen out for improved vocal range, reduced background noise and boosted high frequencies. These will be reduced as you turn away from the sound source.

earHD 90 is not just a pretty interesting experience. Independent testing by the Institute of Sound and Vibration Research (ISVR) at the University of Southampton found earHD 90 to improve speech intelligibility, increase signal to noise ratio and enhance frequency response. 

The effect can be subtle, but in some environments can be dramatic. earHD 90 is the first of its kind, so you’re recommended to try it for as long as possible within the first 24 hours to get time to adjust to this new way of hearing.  The effect increases with each model, but all deliver a unique audio experience. 

earHD 90 is available now from Flare Audio direct and comes in three models:

Acetal: lightweight and polished for a high-gloss finish. RRP: £39.99

Aluminium: precision milled from aerospace aluminium and anodized for a satin silver finish. RRP: £299

Titanium: premium edition. Precision milled from a single block of high-grade titanium. RRP: £399

As not all ears are the same, every pair includes three sizes of replaceable silicone tips to ensure the perfect fit, as well as a Flare carry pouch.


For more information on testing and how earHD 90 works: Data Sheet

Or https://tinyurl.com/y69hlll9



Full introduction (4 minutes 33 seconds) to earHD by product inventor Davies Roberts - (big reveal at 2 minutes 40)

60-second video from product inventor Davies Roberts.

Full review (3 minutes 38) by Stephen Fry 

34-second video from Stephen Fry on his experiences with earHD

Short (20 seconds) ‘reactions to’ earHD landscape video 

Short (16 seconds) ‘reactions to’ earHD vertical video 


About Flare Audio

Founded in 2010 by British inventor Davies Roberts, Flare Audio spent its formative years as a pro audio manufacturer and hire company.  Flare re-invented the loudspeaker, drawing praise from music industry luminaries including Jimmy Page, Jarvis Cocker, Richard Hawley and producer ‘Flood’. 

The company’s big innovation and mission is to minimise all types of distortion and it has developed several patent-pending technologies to achieve this.  This ‘pure sound’ technology is now available in a range of award-winning earphones.

In 2016, Flare launched Isolate®, its first sound-reducing product which used solid metal to block, rather than absorb sound.  This innovation exceeded all expectations attracting over £2million in crowd funding and was followed up with Sleeep® ear plugs. 

Flare now ships to over 170 countries world-wide and has over 2 million likes on Facebook. Despite rapid growth the company maintains a strong customer focus. 

Flare’s team is dedicated to rethinking sound technology ‘from the ground up’, pushing boundaries and continuing to achieve exciting developments in audio innovation.


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