Our ISOLATE® ear protectors save relationships.

It’s a big claim, but one we know to be true because many of our customers have got in touch to tell us that’s the case.

We love the fact that our ear protectors allow people to enjoy gigs and nights out, relax on their commute and stay safe at work, but when you hear that someone has been able to return to their marital bed as a result of buying ISOLATE®, you know that must represent a big improvement in their quality of life.

People tell us they have been able to enjoy an undisturbed night’s sleep next to their partner for the first time in years by using our ear protectors.

We could tell you in more detail about how ISOLATE® works to save relationships from snoring where other products fall short (there’s more information on our technology here, if that’s what you’re after), but it’s probably best you find out in the words of our customers.

What people whose partner’s snore say about ISOLATE®

"I spent my first night with the Isolates last night and I’m completely stunned at how amazingly well they work. I truly can’t believe how effectively these things block sound, and really *change* sound so that it’s not blaring in your face but rather something more akin to ignorable background noise. Job well done! My sweet hubby and I have been sleeping in separate rooms for about a year because of each other’s snoring (ageing sucks!) but last night we slept in the same bed together. We’re in love with these ear plugs!" 

- Amy J

 "These ear plugs work so well! My darling wife snores - her only flaw - so loudly I have had to leave the room on some nights. I ordered a set of the Flare ear protectors, and was amazed at how much better they worked than the foam type I had been using."

- Joseph M

"I got these in October/November 2016 for my wife, and we have been able to sleep together in the same bed, every night since. For the first time in 7 years (and hundreds of attempts)."

- Paul B

"These are great! The orange foam ones I get in the hunting department at Walmart (32db) muffle the sound of my husband's snoring. These silence it completely!"

- Corrine J

"Totally blocks out snoring and any other annoying noises. Would 100% recommend. Great quality product."

- Samantha W

Does your partner snore?

There’s no need to suffer in silence (yours, not theirs), move to the spare room or file for divorce. Try a pair of ISOLATE® ear protectors and see if they improve your relationship, just like they did for the people you read about above.

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