In the Making, Artist Q&A

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 In The Making Artist Rob Green
Style of Music: Alt Soul/Songwriter
From: Nottingham, UK

Which artists are you influenced by? 
Leon Bridges, India.Arie, Bruno Mars, Aloe Blacc, Esperanza Spalding, Lizzo.

How did you hear about In the Making? 
I contacted a manager on Instagram asking for advice and next steps and they advised In the Making and the Ivor’s Academy programme.
What experience in music did you have prior to starting the Inside Track programme?
I have been a touring artist, with a relatively well-established local fan base to Nottingham. I have supported Earth Wind and Fire, Eric Bibb and The Whitney Houston Hologram on their respective UK tours. Along with performing on the BBC Proms, Glastonbury Acoustic Stage, and Love Supreme Festival
Describe your journey on the programme:
The project was incredible! I really got to explore and experiment, working with Cassell as an incredible producer, but also be in an environment with incredible creatives, writers and musicians, like Liam Bailey, Joy Farouk’s, Eric Appapoulay and of course Cass himself!
How has In the Making helped you as an artist?
The opportunity to write, develop and explore – along with getting to perform in an industry showcase I feel and hope will really help me, as an artist based outside of London, make links and gain access to avenues to elevate my career.
What’s the biggest thing you’ve learned or achieved on the programme?
That I am capable of achieving my artistic goals as an independent and self-managed artist at this level - and that in the right room with the right people there can be real flow and positivity to the writing process
What’s your favourite track you’re working on and why?
I love Fade Away and Jungle Child equally, however Jungle Child has a special place in my heart. It takes lyrical inspiration from Nat King Cole’s rendition of ‘Nature Boy’ (See below!)
Can you give an interesting fact about yourself?
At 13 my mum played me Nat King Coles song to explain why my voice breaking was a GOOD thing. As I grew up and learned to embrace my body, my voice, my sexuality, my race, - my nature up to the present day; I think coming to write this song, in this moment – with all its bold sound and the energy in the room – I think it took me back to that first lesson; with Nat King Cole and my Mum - to not be afraid of your true nature. Making this song really challenged me vocally and helped me really channel a fierceness that I don’t think I haven’t unleashed before. I love it. So grateful to have been in the room with these other artists to have brought it to life.
What would you like to be doing in two years’ time?
Touring, performing, writing, creating, acting, and really making and contributing great creative things to the world – to be free and full. Yeah, I know how that sounds haha – but I do mean it!
What would you say to others trying to get into the music industry?
Someone once said to me the industry is like the school playground. It’s not one group/machine – it’s groups of people playing different games in the same playground, in different ways. Many think their game is BEST, some even think their game is the ONLY way to play – but you need to find your OWN way to play in the playground; you can jump between games of course but be clear which one you’re playing – and make sure it’s FUN because not every game leads to a win, but if it’s fun and engaging to play you won’t actually care about that part; you’ll just want to keep playing!
Check out Rob's performance at the Inside Track Live here 

Where can people find out more about you?

I'm on @robgreenmusic on Instagram, Tik Tok and Twitter for everything else! – if you join my VIP mailing list you’ll be the first to know about gigs, guest tickets and new releases.