Do you love music?

Well, get ready to fall in love with it all over again with the help of FLARES® PRO: the best earphones for musicians and producers.

Your favourite recordings are going to sound like you’ve never heard them before. In fact the sound quality will be such that you’ll think you’re listening to it live.

'How does that work?', you might ask.

We love music, too, and we love detail, clarity and purity when we’re listening to it.  So, we set about creating earphones that produce sound quality so high it feels live.

For all the advancements in music technology, the way speakers work was largely unchanged from the 1960s. We’ve addressed that by researching how sound molecules interact, then making tiny interventions that result in big improvements to the sound purity.

Some of the technology we’ve incorporated includes:

  • Dual-Jet Sound Balancing: precise pressure balancing across all frequencies.
  • Acoustic Lens: focuses sound directly on to the eardrum resulting in extremely accurate delivery.
  • Anti-resonance: combining Dual Jet and Acoustic Lens technology, as well as a titanium shell, results in no added colouration to the sound.

That explains the technology (you can read more here), but not the experience. For that we will leave it to the experts.

Art of Noise’s Gary Langan put it better than we ever could when he explained how our technology transports him back to a studio in the 1980s.

He told us: “As an engineer and a producer, in the days when I made a lot of records, there was a moment when you knew you were hearing a record for the very last time in its intended state.

"I used to listen to the final mix, elbows on console, listening intently to a pair of near-field speakers very close to me. It was very personal because you knew it was the last time - it would never sound the same again.

“That changed when I heard my mixes on Flare equipment. I can go back and mentally sit in the recording studio again.”

There’s a reason FLARES® PRO have the word ‘pro’ in their name: they are designed to be the best earphones for musicians and producers. Besides Gary Langan, you can read what a host of other music pros had to say about our earphones here. Many seasoned professionals have told us they’ve moved away from their old way of working to use FLARES® PRO for mixing. Ready to try them for yourself?