The world is facing a tough time at the moment so we thought that it would be nice to include some of our top picks of things to listen to for a bit of solace and escapism.
Remember: to check-in on people, be kind and stay safe x
Desert Island Discs: There is a wonderful and vast back catalogue of Desert Island Discs to listen to.
Two of our favourites are, David Byrne: Listen Here
And Flares friend the polar explorer Ben Saunders: Listen Here
Stephen Fry's 7 Deadly Sins: Next up is the brilliantly entertaining new podcast from Stephen Fry on the Seven Deadly Sins: Listen here 
Needle Mythology: Our final pick is the excellent Needle Mythology where the fab Pete Paphides has interesting and revealing conversations with well-loved musicians. We recommend starting with this one, where Pete talks to one of our favourites, the lovely Fran Healy from Travis: Listen Here