Introducing Sleeep® Flex – the new bendy, comfy earplug from acclaimed innovators of all things sound and ear-related, Flare Audio. 

The newest member of Flare’s innovative earplug range, Sleeep® Flex provides sound-reducing benefits but with a softer, comfier feel that work especially well for those with more sensitive ears.


Following advances made by Flare’s previous range of ear protectors and earplugs: Isolate® and Sleeep®, Flex benefits from the same slim core as Sleeep® but is made of flexible silicone rather than metal. Providing reduction of unwanted sound with a super comfy feel for a great night’s sleep, its strong but bendy body means the fit is secure and removal easy, even for the smallest ear canals.

The flexible silicone frame is surrounded by soft dual memory-foam tips at each end for optimum comfort and a long peaceful sleep. Great for side-sleepers, its flexible centre bends where you do.

Sleeep® Flex comes in three colours:

Sleeep® Flex Glow (glow-in-the-dark version)

Sleeep® Flex Denim Blue

Sleeep® Flex Silver Pink.

It also comes in environmentally friendly wrapping, following Flare’s pledge to cut use of single use plastics in all coming product packaging.

Davies Roberts, CEO, and co-founder of Flare Audio explains: “Sleeep® Flex is all about comfort with gentle noise reduction. You will still hear some sound, so you won’t feel completely isolated from the outside world. That alarm clock will still wake you, but all those irritating noises will go from a 10 to a much more manageable 5. 

If you want to block heavy noise and are used to wearing in-ear earphones for periods of time with no issue, then the Flare Sleeep® or Sleeep® PRO might be your best option. They’re made from aluminium and titanium respectively and therefore block more noise than the Sleeep® Flex.  But if you’re looking for an earplug that reduces background noise to a much more manageable level whilst providing you with a super comfy fit for all ear types, then Sleeep® Flex is your best bet.”

Sleeep® Flex comes with three sizes of memory-foam tips (Earfoams®), extra small, small and medium, with a soft carry pouch and is priced £19.99 GDP.  

Sleeep® Flex and the other products in the Flare Audio range can be purchased now from, Amazon and selected retailers.


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