The audio bar just got SERIOUSLY raised…

Following the release of last year’s award-winning Flares® PRO earphones, British sound innovators Flare Audio continue to push sound-quality barriers with the arrival of a new mass market offering; Flares® JET.

Available in two models, JET 1 (RRP £49) and JET 2 (RRP £69), the stylish duo claim to deliver the superior sound quality only offered by some premium big budget alternatives.

By applying one of its main patent-pending audio technologies (JET Technology), Flare has created an earphone that enables music lovers to enjoy exceptional clarity and previously un-heard detail in their favourite tracks, without breaking the bank.

Davies Roberts, founder of Flare Audio explains: “Imagine having X-ray hearing, the ability to hear ‘inside’ the music. All our products are built with the same principal in mind; we aim to make music clearer and to deliver sound to the listener with the smallest of interventions. By doing so, we remove all audible distortion, revealing detail and subtle nuances never heard before, unveiling the true feeling of a song, like a breath taken before a vocal line or fingers moving against a guitar string. As our entry market offering, Flares® JET brings this technology to a much wider audience of music lovers than ever before.”

Having made its name as a pro audio manufacturer, providing speakers for concerts, festivals and a range of venues, Flare has already achieved quite an industry following, with big name producers, musicians and DJs acclaiming their ground-breaking tech.

Flares® JET 1 is made from a high tensile polymer with a black satin finish. Flares® JET 2 is precision turned from aluminium using only the latest, state of the art, CNC machinery. Made from a stronger and sturdier material, Flares® JET 2 is the higher-grade version out of the two, offering superior sound delivery.

The ergonomic design of Flares® JET means that fitting is quick and easy. Both models come with three sizes of silicone tips that fit the majority of ear types and provide superb sound isolation. Both also have mic and control capabilities and are supplied with a branded drawstring pouch.

The Sound

Inside each Flares® JET, high power 10mm drivers create what Flare Audio describes as “the most enveloping and immersive sound.” Bass feels unlimited with great depth and power, yet without taking over or muffling other sounds. Mid-frequencies are strong and clear, yet in total balance with every other frequency, while higher frequencies whisper around the listener without sounding harsh or overwhelming. 

Flare’s technology has been praised by many top musicians and producers, including Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page, Grammy award-winning producer Tony Visconti, (David Bowie, T-Rex, Iggy Pop); Julian Lennon; Nick O’Malley, bass player with the Arctic Monkeys; Fran Healy of Travis and BNQT, and Danton Supple, producer (Coldplay, Morrissey, Starsailor).


“They’re better than headphones costing three times the price. I can hear every detail, every nuance, everything the composer wanted me to hear. And then even more. Stunning in every way… it’s like rediscovering music.”

James Rhodes, Classical Pianist


“Just when you thought you’d had enough with so many fidgety in ear and ill-fitting headphones, along comes the genius of Flare. Finally, an in-ear headphone, that is beyond comfortable and has the clearest, deepest, and most natural sounding quality I’ve heard in years. Highly recommended for not only listening to your favourite anthems, but for listening to your own musical projects as well. Great for mixing too. There’s no going back, only forwards, with FLARE.”

Julian Lennon, Musician


Flares® JET can be purchased from Amazon UK (also Europe and US) and direct from
Prices include VAT and standard shipping.

For those who have a bigger budget, check out Flare Audio's other earphone models, such as Flares® PRO and the newly launched top of the range, rather dazzling, Flares® GOLD.


Flares® JET Technical Specification:

  • JET patent-pending sound balancing technology
  • Precision turned from aerospace aluminium or high tensile polymer
  • 3.5mm gold plated, 4-pole jack connector
  • Microphone and control capabilities
  • Cable Length: 1.15m
  • Driver diameter: 10mm
  • Frequency response: 20-20KHz
  • Driver sensitivity: 93dB/1mW

About Jet Technology

Precise pressure balancing across all frequencies; jet technology allows us to match the air pressure in front of the driver, to the rear of the driver. As a result, we are able to release a build-up of pressure. Flares® JET uses this technology to maximise the front output of the earphone. This reduces distortion levels and boosts overall volume enabling the driver to perform as efficiently as possible.


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