Cinema sensitivities?

Do you love the movies but hate the noises you have to contend with?

Do noisy popcorn eaters and LOUD surround sound make you wish you’d stayed at home?

We hear you. It’s places like cinemas and movie theatres where Calmer steals the show. They don’t block sound – you won’t miss a thing.

Hear how Calmer helped movie reviewer Zenless Popcorn return to the cinema after a sensitivity hiatus.

Over to you Zenless!

An Incredible Game-Changer for Audiophiles with Sound Sensitivity

By Zenless Popcorn

Hey there. I'm excited to share my experience with Flare Audio Calmer.

These ground-breaking earbuds are specifically engineered for individuals with delicate hearing (people who have misophonia, autistic people, and sufferers of CPTSD for example. I fall in the latter two categories) using an innovative, patented ‘Calmer Technology.’

I've had the pleasure of using Calmer for a few weeks now, and my life has improved significantly. I unpacked and slid these babies into my ears and it was instantly a pivotal moment in my life. Sure, that may sound cheesy, but it's an undeniable truth! My heightened sensitivity to loud and sudden noises found solace in this auditory guardian angel. It's as if a veil of auditory calm engulfed me, allowing me to embrace hustle-bustle environments without fretting about my hearing and mental health! And I've had less switching episodes and shutdowns since using them.

Recently, I attended the 2023 Great North Tattoo Show – a bustling with loud noise levels. Equipped with my Calmer earbuds, I was able to revel in the festivities without feeling too overwhelmed or overly anxious.

A couple of weeks later, I eagerly entered IMAX cinema hall at ODEON Silverlink to watch Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3. Anticipation mixed with trepidation over the booming audio system tugged at me, but I came prepared for battle against the blockbuster noise with my trusty Calmer earwear.

With Calmer by my side (or rather, nestled in my ears), I thoroughly enjoyed the plot twists and special effects without any worries.  They allowed me to enjoy every quip and action-packed scene without feeling overwhelmed (barring the part that made me cry, of course). If you find your sensory system rebelling against cinema sound, this galactic gadget is one investment you won't regret! I had been avoiding going to the cinema for over a year due to my issues with loud noises, so it is great that Calmer has made things significantly more bearable and I am so glad I can go back to the cinema more.

The awesome Flare Audio Calmer dimensions.

The Mini and Calmer Kids are the same size, only difference being Calmer Kids are made of softer materials. I never thought something so tiny could have such a big impact.

There are four versions of this auditory hero available: Original Calmer, Calmer Pro, Calmer Night and Calmer for Kids! The Original Calmer is designed to decrease noise without sacrificing comfort. For an upgrade, opt for Calmer Pro. Boasting the latest advancements such as a sleeker design facilitating extended wear, an enhanced filter pruning noise levels by 25dB (compared to 20dB by the standard Calmer) across the frequency range, and superior audio tuning for natural, balanced sound quality.

Calmer Night are made from softer material (I have actually forgot I had my Calmer in a few times and actually slept with them in, I think I need some Calmer Night too!).

Calmer for Kids is perfect for little ones (or people who have smaller ears, my wife uses those as the Standard are too big) who need noise reduction tailored to their ears. Standard Calmer and Calmer Kids are also available with a lanyard making them easier to keep around with you. The Calmer range are also available in Mini which are designed for smaller ear canals, which are the same as the calmer for Kids, except Calmer for Kids are made of a softer material.

Flare Audio's packaging for Calmer Kids deserves applause – it showcases enjoyable illustrations while highlighting the importance of safeguarding precious ears from intense sounds.

Calmer is absolutely worth every penny if you too are haunted by audio sensitivity. Experience life to its fullest without compromising comfort – usher in peace of mind and protect your hearing!
If audio sensitivity affects your daily life or your little one's wellbeing, Calmer (and Calmer Kids) is an invaluable investment. Embrace the serenity it brings to traditionally overwhelming environments.

Now you can effortlessly reduce noises without muffling essential sounds such as traffic or conversations. Say goodbye to the stress and anxiety triggered by overwhelming cacophonies!

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2017 marked it was truly serious for me, reviewing movies and releases for Signature Entertainment, Warner Bros, Lionsgate, Arrow, Network and so many more as well as interviewing artists, actors, and directors. I use this blog to cope with my mental health issues, and also with the number of times I go into hospital, I am certainly not bored with the blog to contend with!

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