We got in touch with Jack after we heard about how much he enjoys Calmer®. Filtering out the background noise let's Jack focus more on this work (which we love)...Read on to find out more.



Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? (hobbies and interests, how you like to spend your time)

Hey there! My name's Jack Douglas and I'm a full time tattoo artist. I co-own Shinra Electric Tattoo in Melbourne (@shinraelectrictattoo). 

In my spare time outside of the studio I draw, paint and have recently been trying to learn sculpture. I love film, tv, comics, manga and anime.


When did you first realise that you found some sounds stressful / annoying? 

From a very early age, noises of a certain pitch or volume caused me great discomfort, making it hard for me to concentrate on tasks or socialise. I still avoid certain environments as the intensity of sound causes me great anxiety and frustration. If i'm in a group or surrounded by conflicting sounds, i struggle to process them and it's overwhelming. 


How does this effect your day to day life?  

It can make it difficult for me to focus on my work, accomplish simple day to day tasks and communicate with friends and loved ones.



And finally could you tell me how Calmer has helped you?

I wear them while working most days (despite being a small private studio, when there are 2 or more people talking at a time I struggle to focus on the conversations I'm having). This has greatly reduced my stress and has helped me to focus on the work in front of me and helps me give my clients my undivided attention by helping to filter some of the background noise. If i know i'm going somewhere that might be challenging noise-wise, i pop them in and it takes the edge off.
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