Meet Jerica!

We first met Jerica when we saw some cool posts she made online about Calmer. We got in touch to find out a little bit more about her and discovered that she was an amazingly talented hairstylist - we thought it would be cool if she wrote us a blog...


Over to you Jerica and thank you : )



Hi, my name is Jerica. I’m a hairstylist of 16 years and a salon owner. I have a passion for hair competition and teaching hair color. I love movies, music & fashion.

I have found noises stressful from early childhood. I grew up in a family of 5 and was the only child constantly asking for the tv to be turned down growing up! This continued into my adult life where I often found social events, concerts and movie-theatres overwhelming. I would often try to discreetly cover my ears to muffle the noise in these situations before finding Calmer. The daily sounds of the salon would leave me feeling exhausted at the end of the day and unwilling to tolerate much noise after work.

I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in my late twenties and assumed that my sound sensitivity was a side effect of the MS. It wasn’t until I had to shut my salon down during the pandemic that I had the time to begin a self-discovery journey that led to an ADHD diagnosis. It felt like something clicked and the message boards I joined helped me to realize that I could take more control of the sensory overload I was feeling.

I decided to try Calmer after seeing a few different styles of noise-reducing earbuds reviewed. The relief was instantaneous. Although I could still hear what was happening around me, I no longer felt assaulted with conflicting noises. It was easier for me to focus on my client instead of all the other noises going on around me. They literally helped me to feel calmer after a busy shift. I feel confident now that I carry my Calmer with me that I can not only tolerate noisy situations, but enjoy them.

Follow Jerica on instagram here: @jericawentzell

And her fab hair salon, Gingersnap Salon here: @Gingersnapsalon