Summer breeze, makes us feel fiiinnnee...

Now that school has finished for the year, it’s time to plan your escape to the sunshine. A summer get-away or staycation will help you get that much-needed rest and relaxation you deserve! 

To help keep your stress levels down, we’ve put together a checklist of essentials...

Protection – It’s for your own good! 

Sun cream Don't hold back on the sun cream. Get yourself a decent SPF and go crazy. It’s here to help reduce your UV exposure and lower the risk of sun damage.

Sunglasses Great for hiding that hangover but really for protecting your eyes from harmful UV light. Just like your skin, your eyes can also be damaged from the sun - Did you know the sun can get as far as your retina. They’re also a great accessory to anyone’s outfit ;)

Isolate® Designed to protect your hearing. Noisy transport? Annoying all-night revellers at the hotel? Isolate® will block sound so you and your ears can relax. 

Available in precision turned titanium, high-end aerospace aluminium or lightweight translucent, Isolate® not only protect your ears from hearing damage caused by excessive noise, they also remove the unpleasant volume thrown at us in everyday life. Silence is golden :)

Calming Take some downtime 

Books Press pause on the world and zone out with a good book. Your mind needs to rest as well as your body, so whilst on holiday, take some time out and help your brain de-stress. 

Audiobooks are a great alternative if you want to lie back and close your eyes whilst a story unfolds around you.

Walks on the beach There’s nothing better than the feeling of soft, warm sand beneath your feet.  Walking beside the tide, towards the sunset, leaving a trail of footprints behind you gently being washed back into the sea. Ahhh.... 

Footprints in the sand- Flare Audio- Summer-Vibes

Calmer® Whilst you're reading your book or taking a walk, why not pop Calmer® in. Calmer® reduces stressful frequencies like traffic and mobile notifications - any noises that normally cause you stress.

If you don’t want to block too much sound but want to take the unpleasant edge off loud noise, pack a pair of Calmer® or Calmer® Secure (with built in lanyard). 

These clever non-electric silicone in-ear devices work by channelling sound into our ear whilst minimising distortion, reducing the ‘unpleasant’ audio frequencies known to cause most stress.


Vibes – Get those holiday feels 

Ice cream Obviously. You're on holiday, treat yourselves!  

Earphones Pass the time blissfully listening to your favourite music whilst you travel. You have the choice of our Flares® Jet; These earphones are built for anyone who is searching for incredible detail as well as packing a punch for everyday life 


Our E-Prototypes; Hear your favourite music with fresh ears. A listening experience that’s beyond the recording studio. Discover details that you’ve never heard before and go on an audio journey like no other.

Lastly inflatables Great for selfies, and taking a nap in the pool... 

Nothing says I’m on holiday like an inflatable pink flamingo.