Flares® JET

Earphones with incredible detail that pack a punch for everyday life.


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• Listening to music

• Making and receiving phone calls

• Mixing and engineering

• Recording

• Traveling

• Commuting



• Jet 1 | High strength polymer

• Jet 2 | Precision turned aluminium

• Jet 3 | Precision turned titanium

• Remote music and phone call control

• 10mm driver

• Tough and durable

• Stress tested cable

• Gold plated connectors

What's included

• Three sizes (S, M, L) of replaceable silicone tips

• Flare leather pouch included


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Customer Reviews

Based on 232 reviews
Stevan Popovic
Great value for money

Used to listen to podcasts and make calls.
Fantastic quality for the price.

Susan Hercules
One Of The Best !

These earbuds ( Jet 3 ) are sooooooo detailed. I hate taking them off. An excellent choice for any music lover. Now I am curious to hear the Prototype - E.
Highly recommended.

David Richter
Jet 3 Awesome sound - wish they'd stay in my ears...

Amazing sound quality. Absolutely satisfied with that aspect. I'm sure the titanium has something to do with that - unfortunately that makes them heavier than usual earbuds, which means that they are inclined to leave my ears quite frequently. I have small ears - maybe something to do with it? I have the titanium isolate earplugs for gigs which are excellent and the reason I went for the Jets. they stay in securely, but have foam instead of silicon. i feel that the Jet3s should come with foams as standard as It's frustrating to have to adjust them all the time, and annoying to have to spend extra money just to get them to fit. Having said that, when they do stay in, I think that they have the clearest sound quality that I've ever experienced with earbuds, so they get 4 stars (5 for sound, 3 for fit)

Chris Petrie
JET 3 absoluteley AWESOME!!!

I just bought three pairs of these after I had lost my last pair. Just so would not have to go without. I am not rich but I do love my music. These are fairly priced for the quality. i cant afford 500 dollars for the absolutely elite headphones. These are badass enough for me. love them wont buy any other. That and their customer service is impecable. they take care of their customers. That means a lot to me. I used to use RAZER and after the third pair broke and I contacted customer service they treated me like a child and asked me why I was triggered. I then looked elsewhere for a great pair of earbuds for gaming.
I found FLARE just by luck and I will never look back. Thank you FLARE for making a great product I can trust, rely on and enjoy. THANK YOU!!!!!

Steve Jones
Jet 3

Probably the best buds I have ever used. Low end response is phenomenal unlike others on the market. Thumbs up all round

Noticeably clearer sound

It took a while for me to work out that my ears were larger than I realised - I initially switched to the smaller buds, then discovered that the middle ones were more secure. I haven't experienced any noise from the cable as others have done, and the sound coming through the headphones is very clear.
How do I put this? I have autism and with a standard set of headphones my brain begins to feel fuzzy after an hour or two. With these it seems I can listen to music or audios for longer and not experience any brain fog. Phone conversations are also very clear - not planning to switch back any time soon :o)
I bought the aluminium set. They are very solidly made.

Technical Specification

Flares Jet uses precise pressure balancing across all frequencies

TECHNOLOGYFlares Jet uses this technology to maximise the front output of the earphone. This reduces distortion levels and boosts overall volume enabling the driver to perform as efficiently as possible.

CONNECTOR3.5mm gold plated jack


MICROPHONEPhone call and music control

MATERIALSJET 1 | High tensile polymer
JET 2 | Aerospace aluminium
JET 3 | Grade 5 titanium

Patent granted107873134 | 3281415
Patent publication20180288520

Time to accessorise

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 “They’re easily the best in-ear earphones I’ve ever used. Lovely bottom end, beautiful depth and clarity to the overall sound. It’s quite unbelievable.”

Pete Paphides DJ and Music Journalist: Melody Maker, The Guardian, Time Out, Q Magazine

The best earphones I have ever owned. Rich full sound, I'm hearing previously unheard details in recordings I've been listening to for decades. Couldn't be happier with them. Buy some now!

Chris Pembury Flare Customer