Our new Flares® JET earphones are now available to buy - and they bring with them the power of X-ray hearing.

Flares® JET earphones allow you to pick out incredible levels of detail in music. You will be able to hear subtleties in the production that you’ve never even noticed before.

If you’ve been following our work, you will know Flare Audio specialises in revolutionary ways to deliver your favourite music to your ear more accurately and more clearly, as well as equally revolutionary ways to stop unwanted noise getting into your ears.

Flares® JET earphones combine those two strands of our work, so you get to experience the best sound quality in splendid isolation without any interruptions from background noise.

How does it work?

Our Flares® JET earphones get their name from our patent-pending jet technology that is inside them. Precise pressure balancing across all frequencies allows us to maximise front output of the earphone. The result is less distortion and increased volume, propelling sound directly into your ears with control and accuracy.

That process uncovers some of the musical details that have been lost when using traditional methods to transport sound to your ears. It also results in a far deeper bass sound than you will have previously experienced.

What do I get?

There are 2 models of Flares® JET earphones. JET1 is made from high tensile polymer, while JET2 is made from aerospace grade aluminium. Both contain the jet technology discussed above. The result is less distortion and increased volume.

In both case you get a 3.5mm gold-plated jack connector, microphone and controller and a 1.15m cable. You also get silicone tips that have been designed to give a comfy fit for most ears, while also blocking out external noise with the aid of our isolation technology. 

Ready to experience X-ray hearing for yourself?

Pick up a pair of Flares® JET earphones today.