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earSHADE® is a fresh and contemporary flexible silicone earplug that is designed to fit all ears. Its ergonomic shape is made to fit you comfortably whilst gently reducing the sound of the world around you and lightly shading you from irritating noises.
Sleeep® Flex
Sleeep® Flex is made entirely out of soft and flexible silicone which allows the earplug to bend where you do, making it the most comfortable earplug in the range.
Sleeep® is a brand new tiny earplug design with our ground breaking technology, great for a long and uninterrupted nights sleep.

Sleeep® is half the size of its predecessor.

There are two models, Sleeep® (Natural Aluminium and Silver Pink) and Sleeep® PRO (Titanium). Both come with our improved range of super-soft and durable memory-foam tips (Earfoams®).

Sleeep® has been designed to fit even the smallest of ear canals with its metal core being almost entirely encapsulated in memory-foam for maximum comfort.
ISOLATE® MiNi has been developed for maximum comfort for all day / night use.

A truly tiny ear protector; with ISOLATE® MiNi people with small ear canals now have an ideal solution while still achieving the same sound attenuation and experience as the larger ISOLATE® version.

MiNi has been developed with its own range of EARFOAMS®, the vast majority of people will be able to use both ISOLATE® and ISOLATE® MiNi depending on the level of fitment required.

For example, those who require a 2 in 1 option for ear protection and sleeping may find the MiNi to be a more discreet option.
The ISOLATE® earplugs protect your ears using new Sound Blocking technology.

Traditional earplugs are made of soft plastics or foams that merely muffle sounds. ISOLATE® plugs use titanium and aluminium suspended in soft memory foam. The patent pending design is a brand new approach to ear protection.

ISOLATE® Ear Protectors come in two sizes: ISOLATE®and ISOLATE® MiNi.